Pittwater Life April 2018 Issue


Safety First: Reducing risk on Mona Vale Rd. We Will Remember: ANZAC Day. Tina Harrod: Island Life. 40 Years' Courtship: Careel Bay Tennis Club

Pittwater Puzzler

Compiled by David Stickley

26 Scotland Island resident and singer,

Tina ______ (6)

27 Wine festival to be held in Dunbar

Park in April, Avalon ________ (8)


1 A device of one or more pairs of

conductors separated by insulators

used to store an electric charge (9)

2 The N in PNHA, a group supporting

fauna crossings in the Northern

Beaches area (7)

3 Cuts available at The Meat Emporium

Butchery & Deli in Elanora Heights (1-5)

4 Ignore; overlook (4,2)

6 Status accepted by golfers with a

handicap (5,3)

7 Board a B-line bus, say (3,4)

8 Lines used to tie up boats at

Holmeport Marinas, perhaps (5)

10 Burial chambers (6)

14 An older person, often retired from


1 War memorial at the centre of ANZAC

services (8)

5 Island in the Hawkesbury River near

Brooklyn (6)

9 Club regulars (7)

10 A hob set into a work surface (7)

11 Northern Beaches club celebrating 50

years with a gala day in April (6,3,6)

12 A narrative or story, especially

fictitious and imaginatively treated (4)

13 Palm Beach Ferries destination on the

Central Coast (8)

17 Practise (a play, recital, etc.) for later

public performance (8)

19 Having great ability; clever, skilful (4)

23 Northern Beaches body of water that

has an opening monitored by council (9,6)

24 Tradespeople who offer top

coverage? (7)

25 The distinctive clothing worn by

members of the same body, e.g. by

soldiers, police, and schoolchildren (7)

full-time work, who travels around

the country, living in a caravan or

motorhome (4,5)

15 Chilli used at Mexicano in Narrabeen

and Mona Vale (8)

16 Property and possessions, especially

regarded as having value in meeting

debts, commitments, etc. (6)

18 Sydney’s is considered one of the

best in the world (7)

20 Small owl with white-spotted back

and wings and large dark patches

behind the eyes (7)

21 One after another (2,4)

22 A public building for gambling and

entertainment (6)

23 Direction Pittwater is in relation to

Manly (5)

[Solution page 70]

Pittwater Puzzler

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