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Garden Life

Garden Life

Delight Plant Tibouchinas, in the amazing watch

colours the purple of flowers hydrangeas reign

As Always the a favourite days cool for down the

Christmas sunlight colour, changes hydrangeas

autumn are flowering light intensifies their

and the

heads the colours off! They in our look gardens. wonderful

Tibouchinas in the garden, come brightening

into flower with


the huge semi-shaded pink, purple areas or violet and flowers

glowing that stand in out the full, flamboyantly protected against

sunlight. the cool, Once cloudless the older blue skies.

varieties When these were either plants pink were or first

blue introduced depending into on Australia, the soil, nursery

additional man Ken Dunstan lime will from deepen Alstonville

the developed pinks and many blueing cultivars tonic suitable

(sulphate for our climate. of aluminium) ‘Alstonville’ will was the

heighten first to be the released; blues, but it’s the huge

new violet named tree that varieties we see will flowering

maintain everywhere their now. colour. He followed White this

never with the changes. hot pink, There smaller-growing


hydrangeas ‘Kathleen’ and of every ‘Noelene’ size from (after

another tiny dwarf family Piamina member) to with the the








flower as white





many to





pink as

it is almost too difficult to

decide. There are the delicate

lace caps, the huge blooms

it ages, giving a multi-coloured

effect. Next came mauve ‘Jules’, the

one-metre baby of the family for

pots and borders.

In recent years new varieties

have been added; ‘Jazzie’ is a small

shrub with more dainty violet,

white-centered flowers, the mauve

‘Groovy Baby’ that grows just 60cm

tall and ‘Peace Baby’ with white

flowers ideal for pots.

All Tibouchinas are hardy and

easy to grow. They need sun and

protection from wind. They love

general garden conditions, regular

water and respond well to mulching

with cow manure or garden

compost in spring and summer. As

summer fades, Tibouchinas are just


with Gabrielle Bryant

Cherry Guava a

sweet surprise

In full flower in my veggie

garden is my Cherry Guava,

sometimes known as a Strawberry

Guava. This delightful

evergreen shrub never fails to

produce a heavy crop of cherry

guavas in early autumn.

It is a small, pretty tree with

rounded, glossy green leaves

that only grows to about

of the traditional mop heads, that can be two metres tall.

the cone-shaped flowers of The recently introduced

hydrangea paniculata bushes smaller growing Picotee

Fan ‘Flame’ varieties for with two-tone brilliant flower lily colour


heads are hard to leave behind

and if you have a semi-

three metres in height. Keep it

t is bulb time. We all instinctively think mium potting trimmed mix in a into 250mm shape or after 30cm fruiting.

during The delicate the growing fluffy season flowers –


of daffodils and tulips and often quite and water well

shaded wall, the climbing

forget the amazing bulbs and tubers that but never let are the creamy pot sit in white, water.

hydrangea petiolaris is just

growing Feed it close well

are available now and are perfect for our fortnightly with


to the a liquid branches. fertiliser. They are followed

are by readily the tangy available flavoured, online


These tubers

Hydrangeas are forgiving

The ‘Flame Lily’ grows wild in Africa and but may be hard

plants that are easy to grow. sweet, to berry-sized, find in garden cherry centres. red

in parts of Asia. The exquisitely beautiful They are in bulb

They like regular water and fruit that catalogues are high now. in vitamin Order C. in

scarlet and golden-flowering Gloriosa lily advance to be

any good garden soil. Mulch Unlike sure the to get taller-growing them. The deciduous

them yellow to you guava at planting that needs time


will send

twines up a trellis or along a fence. Grown

the roots with compost to

in a pot, it needs a climbing frame to support

the bright green leaves that hang on Gloriosa superba

in early spring.

keep them cool and feed cooking, the fruit can be eaten

them in early spring to get raw straight – the from wild the flame tree lily or

by tendrils on their tips and the profusion – can become

them going. Grow them in used invasive, cooking, it can jellies, be found drinks,

of spider-like flowers.

growing as a

pots, or in the garden; bring sauces weed or where jams. it has naturalised

in coastal

Plant the tuber in the sun where it is sheltered

from the hottest part of the day, or in the cultivated

them inside when in flower You areas should of Queensland, protect the but fruit

or cut the blooms – they last from variety fruit Gloriosa fly with a Rothschildiana

is not invasive.

fruit fly bait.

bright light. For best results grow it in a pre-

well in water.

Get into the

‘swing’ of Xmas

It is time to relax and enjoy

your garden. Look at your

outdoor seating requirements

– the shops are full of

amazing chairs and tables.

Hanging cane egg chairs have

been trendy for the past few

years and now the ‘Swing

Seat’ is back. Nothing is more

peaceful than swinging in a

seat for two, sheltered from

the weather with a roof to

shade from the sun – makes a

great Christmas present too!

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