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Jeweller - April Issue 2018

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FASHION WATCHES About time: 2018’s FASHION watch styles WHILE JEWELLERY TRENDS COME AND GO, FASHION WATCHES REMAIN STYLISH NO MATTER THE SEASON. TALIA PAZ PROVIDES THE LATEST INSIGHT INTO THIS ENDURING CATEGORY. very year, suppliers and retailers are introduced to luxury watch manufacturers’ latest offerings, including their updated versions, special editions, and a bevy of new, unique styles. After key releases are unveiled at the important watch fairs – think Switzerland’s enigmatic Baselworld – the fashion watch trends inevitably trickle down the supply chain, making their way to the local market. Here is where the cascade of vibrant colours, striking bands, simplistic details and ornate embellishments come into play, with consumer demand for this category showing no signs of abating. With that in mind, here’s a taste of the latest trends shaping the ultimate statement accessory category. PEAK DEMAND Minimalist yet versatile styles continue to saturate the watch market, Simon Garber, director of Cluse distributor Heart & Grace attests. PIERRE CARDIN April 2018 Jeweller 15