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Jeweller - April Issue 2018

Behind every gemstone,

Behind every gemstone, there is a fascinating story waiting to delight clients around the world. Studying with GAA brings the expertise, networking and confidence to build a solid career in a multimilliondollar industry. Joining one of the most supportive and passionate professional communities of gemmologists in Australia was one of the best decision I ever made. Gina Barreto FGAA DipDT Gemmologist and Diamond Technologist Sales Associate, Paspaley - VIC Diamond Courses Practical Diamond Grading & Diploma in Diamond Technology Enrolments now open For more information 1300 436 338 Be Confident Gem-Ed Australia ADELAIDE BRISBANE HOBART MELBOURNE PERTH SYDNEY Passionately educating the industry, gem enthusiasts and consumers about gemstones

BUSINESS DIGITAL AGE SHOPPING: THE EXPERIENCE IS KEY Traditional stores hold an advantage over online marketplaces that retailers must learn to leverage if they are to remain competitive. FRANCESCA NICASIO discusses how to attract and retain customers through amazing instore experiences. Back in May 2016, daily-deal site Groupon released a video for its food delivery and reservation service Groupon Go entitled ‘Haves vs. Have-Dones’. The video compared shoppers who purchase items – ‘the haves’ – with shoppers who purchase experiences – ‘the have-dones’. The commercial applauded the latter with the tagline, “If you’re going to own something, own the experience.” Groupon correctly identified that consumers are increasingly shopping for experiences instead of just products. In today’s retail climate where shoppers can buy anything they desire online, brick-andmortar merchants must offer experiences that will lure people back to the stores. To accomplish this, retailers must think of their locations as destinations. LET SHOPPERS EXPERIENCE PRODUCTS There’s no better way to showcase the merit of a product than allowing customers to test and play around with it before they buy. Allocate a space in the store where shoppers can interact with items. Australian game-store franchise Good Games AU puts this into action by providing gaming areas for shoppers. In doing so, Good Game AU not only brings more people into the stores but also enriches the local communities. “Our local community plays a fundamental CONSIDER HOLDING CLASSES OR EVENTS IN- STORE. THESE INITIATIVES OFFER UP OPPORTUNITIES TO CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS AS WELL AS GIVING PEOPLE A REASON TO VISIT – AND STAY – IN THE STORE gaming space for anyone who comes into the store.” Another great example comes from Samsung. The technology company has a store in Los Angeles called Samsung Studio, which is a virtual-reality space where shoppers can try on the brand’s VR gear and get transported into a whole new world. It also has a Design Station where visitors can design their own tank tops, tote bags or caps. The Samsung Studio even features a Home area where browsers can see how different appliances work, including a juice bar that provides free pressed juices to those who complete a juice quiz. HOLD IN-STORE CLASSES Consider holding classes or events in-store. This provides opportunities to connect with customers. They also give people a reason to visit – and stay – in the store. Now this probably isn’t what jewellery retailers want to hear. After all, they’re mostly in the business of selling products but gone are the days when stores could entice shoppers with merchandise alone. part in sustaining our business,” retail manager Grady Chiu says. “Naturally, we want to give them the best experience possible! That’s why our Good Games franchises focus on providing a free-to-use Jewellers have many topics on which they could hold educational classes, such as diamonds, coloured gemstones or precious metals, and stores don’t need many April 2018 Jeweller 31