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Minnesota Employment Lawyer -Madia Law LLC

Rely on Madia Law to get the assistance of an Experienced Minneapolis Employment Lawyer! As one of the most trustworthy trial lawyers, our core competency is trying cases to juries and beating the giants. If you are looking for workplace fairness Employment Lawyers in Minneapolis, then trust us. More information visit

Minnesota Employment Lawyer -Madia Law

How Minnesota Employment Lawyers Can Help Employees According to Minnesota labor and employment law, you deserve fair treatment at your job. But sometimes problems arise anyway. If you’re facing any labor or employment related issues and want to protect your rights, you should depend on the counsel and representation of a Minnesota employment lawyer. Violation of your employment rights at a Minnesota workplace may happen in various ways. Employment disputes often include matters like sexual harassment, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, unpaid overtime wages, hostile work environment, retaliation, and whistleblower claims.

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