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Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code k209 by HP Printer Support Expert. Dial HP Printer Support Phone Number 1 800 597 1052 to troubelshoot HP Printer Common errror codes and messages. We Provide 24 7 HP Technical Support Service for Any Type of HP Related Errors Problems.
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18005971052HP Printer Error Code


When you install new cartridges on HP Printer, often

the alignment process fails, as it might not print, and

display an Error Code k209 occurs on the

printer/desktop screen. But, you don’t worry! Fix HP

Printer Error Code k209 is not such a quite difficult

task, if you take technicians aid call at HP Printer

Support Number.

Therefore, Error Code k209 on your HP printer most

times will prevent you from printing until you have

to resolve the error.

Step 1:- Clear any Paper or Other Obstructions From the

Carriage Path

First of all, you have to make sure that no paper or other

obstructions block the carriage path.

Process 1:- Check the Back of the Printer for Jammed Paper

‣ Follow the steps to check and remove paper jammed in the back of the HP Printer.

‣ Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. Then remove the rear access door.

‣ Then remove any jammed paper or other obstructions. Then pull the paper out slowly and

gently to remove destroying it or damaging the print mechanism.

‣ Now, you have to replace the rear access door by gently pushing the door toward the

printer till it cracks into place.

‣ Then connect the power cord to the electrical outlet.

‣Company Name: HP Technical Support Phone Number

‣Address: 16321 N. 7th Street

‣Suite B8

‣Phoenix, Arizona 85022


‣Email: support@hptechnicalsupportphonenumbersusa.com

‣Website: http://www.hptechnicalsupportphonenumbersusa.com/

‣Toll-Free Number: +1-800-597-1052

‣Working Hours: 24*7

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