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Above: the Marathon, on which Jack Allsopp sailed to war. Below: Jack wrote a letter on

his birthday, put it in a bottle and threw it overboard. It was found by a woman in Albany,

W.A., who sent it to Jack’s mother, with her own covering letter, pictured and transcribed.

Sandford Rd, Albany, 14/5/1916

My Husbourne [sic] picked up a bottle this morning with a letter in from a young man named Jack Allsopp.

He ask me to write, he wrote it on the 13th of May which he said was his Birthday & was 28 years of age.

He gave me your address & told me to write to you should the bottle not be found for some time but I

thought there would be no harm to write a few lines to let you know he was well & will not write much now.

I will be glad to know how that young man gets along for I feel for them. I have 5 boys of my own the eldest

16 years come August. I would be proud of him if he was fighting though it would break my heart to part

with him. I have two nephews gone from Vic & my sister is very much cut up. It is very hard for mothers but

I hope we will see a great number of them come back - it is no use saying all for we cannot hope for that.

Someone has to go & I think it is the single ones first. My youngest sister’s husbourne has gone & left her

with 4 children under six but her’s is not the worst case by a long way. I think I had better close now with

kind regards.

I remain

Yours sincerely,

M.A. Digney


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