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Where in the world is Constantinople?

They say the name of the Colonial Troop is to be changed.

. . . Now the name is to be the Australian and New

Zealand Army Corps.

Gunner James Dalton, Salt Ash

As far as the men on the crowded ships knew, they were headed for the battlefields of France. They were

aware of the shocking death toll on that theatre of war and expected to have their share of it.

But even as they were steaming on, via Colombo and Aden, the escalating conflict between Turkey and

Russia was leading some military and political minds to consider action against Turkey on the Dardanelles.

Those aboard the transports assumed they were bound for England as a staging point for other places.

But for a range of reasons the Australian and New Zealand forces were instead disembarked at Egypt, the

importance of which was the Suez Canal, the famous shipping shortcut through the Mediterranean.


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