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AIA Smoke Signals-April/May 2018

AIA Smoke Signals-April/May

Winter FUN at Arrowhead! Saying farewell to Winter 2018 Arrowhead style...always on a festive and memorable high note! AVFD Snowshoe Golf Tournament What’s Inside: Congratulations to all who participated and won the 20th Annual Snowshoe Golf Tournament. Thank you, Linda Dysart for sharing the photos. It was a gorgeous day for the AVFD's 20th Annual Snowshoe Golf Tournament!! 27 people attended; 22 played snowshoe golf. Congratulations to those who won: 1st place: Kellen LeBlanc & Mike LeBlanc 2nd place: Joanie Aufderheide & Diana Soong 3rd place tie: Brandee LeBlanc, Addyson LeBlanc, Paul Grosvenor, Stacey Darnell. Thank you to Linda Dysart & Earl Fay for the recap information and photos. To view all the photo albums from the tournament, visit our Arrowhead in Colorado (AIA) Facebook page. ASC & AML 4 th Annual Poker run Page 3: President Message Page 4: Heavy Equipment & Maintenance Message Page 5: Design Review Message Page 6: Forest Message Page 7: Patrol Message Page 13: Snow Report Page 14 & 15: Fire Protection District Page 16 & 17: Horse Corral & Wildlife Info. To view the rest of the photos, just visit the ASC & AML Poker Pun 2018 photo album, located on Facebook.

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