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GlamsquadAPRIL 2018

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Inside GRA’s

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The Price Of Fame

APRIL 2018

From The

Editor’s Desk

Glamsquad’s April 2018 Issue

marks our entree into a new dawn;

Glamsquad 2.0. What better month

to rebrand our women focused

magazine than in the month of

March and What better month

to stage a comeback than in

the month of April. In addition to

celebrating a new season and my

taking over the reigns as Editor of the

magazine, we’re also celebrating

all things female, all things new and

of course Easter.

Covering the magazine this

month is crooner and one of

Nigeria’s best vocalists, Omawumi

Mgbele. We talk career, love,

relationships, motherhood and the

future with Oma Wonder. We keep

things regal and feminine with

our heart to heart with a certain

princess. We can hardly claim to

be celebrating womanhood at

Glamsquad without an introspective

look at Black Panther. We delve into

some strong and important themes

from the franchise; from culture to

a celebration of womanhood and

Black womanhood.

In with the new, we turn our

attentions to Burg, the recently

launched restaurant in the upscale

GRA Ikeja. We keep things a

little light, sharing some fun time

honoured Easter traditions, delving

into a few crucial trends and of

course bringing some vibrant

fashion your way. Because we’re

such women’s women, we take

you on a beauty trip, sharing the

best skincare tips for every selfloving

woman to help you begin a

new beauty culture. Welcome to

Glamsquad 2.0.

Teresa Aligbe












DAVIVA Fashion


‘IT’ Bag Trends

How To Achieve

Flawless Skin








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The Price Of Fame

It’s been almost ten years since

you first started out in the Industry.

When is your anniversary? Do you

remember? Is there a specific date

and month?

(Laughs) Oh no, I don’t. Well, I

was a product of a reality show so

the moment I came out, I just knew

that that was the path for me so…

Yeah 2007/2008 but if we were to be

specific, I would say May 2007.

There’s that moment when you

realise - ‘Okay, I’m about to become

famous’. When exactly did it hit you

that ‘OMG! I’m a star’?

(Laughs) Well, as I said earlier, I was

the product of a reality show. You

know, I was first runner-up of the show.

From the beginning of the competition

to when we got to the point where

we were becoming popular, it had

dawned on me that, ‘Yeah, we were


For some reason, they honoured

us then; you know, state level and

national level. Timi Dakolo went to the

capital, Abuja, and I went to Delta

State and they celebrated us. You

know, from that moment, I was just like

“Wow! Big people know my name!”

That was the most important thing.

What was the most shocking thing

you discovered getting into the


I don’t know. I don’t easily get

shocked (both laughs). Well, it wasn’t

shocking; it was something that I

gradually came to understand that

nothing lasts forever. At some point,

everybody wants you; everybody is

fawning over you and the next thing,

one negative press or something else

and everything just fizzles away! That’s

why as I was going on in the industry,

the one that I always had at the back

of mind was, ‘Just enjoy doing what

you love.’ If it comes to the point

where you start doing things because

of what is required of you, not what

you want to do for yourself, you start

selling a false identity or you start

selling a false truth; if there’s any such

word. Do you understand?

I didn’t want to get to that stage.

That’s the stage where people get

to and they start to lose traces of

themselves and, ten years down the

line, you don’t even know who you are


There is always so much pressure

and people have a million different

opinions about who you are and

who you should be. Is there any time

you felt the pressure to act a little


Yeah, it happens to us every time.

It does, but not to the extreme. I’m

usually very into my person; my selflove

is on another level. I have this

imposing personality and I just have

that thing in my mind. Like, I wouldn’t

like to change my personality to be

something I’m not. In the course of

my work in the industry, I’ve come to

understand that as entertainers we

have a responsibility.

It is a gift to be able to get people

to listen to you so when you get that

opportunity to say something, you

want to make sure you’re saying the

right things. You want to make sure

you’re saying something that should

help. The only thing that is constant is

change! There’s this constant change

in language so you have to learn to

adapt. Last year, I completely refused

to conform and I went all maestro on

them and I loved every minute of it.

But the truth is… it’s not all about me.

Music comes in seasons but your

style of music is a little on the classic

side; possibly, because of the genre

of music you sing. Have you seriously

considered changing your sound to

conform to what obtains now?

Yeah! I have. One thing about

me is that I’m not afraid to do things

differently every once in a while. I have

my die-hard, core fans but I’m trying

to reach everybody. If you’re trying

to reach everybody, you should be

able to make music in a way that you

4 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5



don’t lose your true self… but at the

same time, you should still be able to

communicate across board.

But then, how do you strike that

balance between staying authentic

to your sound as an artiste and

appealing to what’s main stream?

The problem even with the listening

public who love those sounds is that,

past a certain point, most artistes

sound generic. Yet, one of the things

you are loved for is that your sound

is different and authentic. Aren’t you

worried that going main stream will

compromise your authenticity?

When I started out in the industry, I

had singles… This is my third album;

the first album had many great

‘authentic’ songs. Two songs stood out:

‘Serious Love Nwantiti’; it’s hi-life and

in Music, its Quito. None of them was

main stream at that time; they were

just happy-go-lucky songs that were in

that space of making you understand

what I was trying to say.

My second album came and I had

classical music. I had classics like ‘I go

go’ which had a violin and all of that

in it but I also had songs like ‘Bottom

Belle’ that I did with Flavour and

people steered towards ‘Bottom Belle’.

I also had ‘If you ask me’. ‘If you ask

me’ wasn’t main stream at that time; it

was great music!

It was awesome music!

Now with Omawumi, I made an

entirely timeless album. I went back

and forth with the different fusions

of the live elements that I’ve always

wanted to do. I knew the response I

was going to get and I was happy with

it. It’s either they love it or they hate it;

there were no in-between.

Now, because I understand that

there’s a job I’m doing, when I make

feel-good music (which I can), it tends

to get more ears listening. If I can tell

you about sexual abuse in a feelgood

song and you’re feeling good

and I’m passing a message across,

then that’s good. I need to get to that

point where I balance it out. I have a

message. I can’t be in this generation

and not speak out. Now, the only way

for me to speak out is to speak in the

language you understand.

There’s a lot that is being said

globally and even locally about the

challenges of being a female in the

industry. You have spoken about

having an imposing personality and

strong sense of self. Do you think

there is a difference between being

a female artiste as opposed to just

being an artiste?

Of course, there is! Whenever I

say things like this, I feel I sound lazy.

It just means we work twice as hard

but it makes us stronger as women.

The ideal situation is you just climb on

stage, sing and feel good. The hours

we need to spend putting layers of

make-up on our faces; nails have to

be well done; hair has to be well laid

- everything needs to be beautiful.

You need to be flawless. The moment

there’s a little slip, it affects the whole

performance; it’s difficult.

Those are one of the many

challenges. It’s very rare for you to

make music and not sell sex and still

get attention. Very rare! It’s not that I’m

6 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7


opposed to that but I don’t want us

to be limited to that. You have to be

more in their faces; it’s like you have

much to prove but we’re slaying it and

we’re killing it!

There is a lot of talk about sexual

harassment globally with the Harvey

Weinstein situation and all the abuse

going on. Coming from a culture

where, if we’re honest, there’s a lot

of abuse but we sweep it under the

carpet. I wonder if that’s a challenge

for you as a female artiste? Is there

a lot of sexual harassment in the


To be honest, I’ve never

experienced it. Well… to say I’ve never

experienced it would not be fair but

not in the way it happens abroad.

I’ve heard that in the movie industry,

these things tend to happen but I

don’t think I’ve been in that position

where someone has said to me: ‘If

you don’t sleep with me, I won’t play

your music.’ No. I wouldn’t want

to speak on somethiNow your third

album has been done. When can

the Omawumi fans expect the next

big thing?

I’ve started working actually and I

am so excited about it! I got home

(now), having left about 3a.m. I was

recording all morning (yawns) and I’m

excited about the new materials that

I’m bringing out. I don’t know what I’m

tagging it yet but I know it’s going to

be back-to-back this year.

What kind of sound are we


It’s going to be great African music;

that’s all I can tell you. That’s it. Stories

about love, society, what you’re doing;

passing on that same language of

‘no be just to freelax’. There’s also one

or two things that, if you hear, you’re

going to be like (gasps!) - she sang

that? You know, as much as I am promorals,

I also have this side of me that

every once in a while... hey!

Comes out?


You recently got married and I

was very interested to find out that

you are technically married; you

It’s very rare

for you to make

music and not

sell sex and still

get attention.


got married years ago - registry

wedding. So, why the decision to

have your traditional wedding and

why now?

My husband is wired in a certain

way. He likes things to be done the

right way and I understand him. Initially,

we were together for a couple of years

and we had a daughter together. We

got married at the registry and we

had a son along the way as well. So

we’ve just been this sort of people not

under pressure to do what the society

expects us to do.

If that time were convenient for

us to do the traditional wedding, we

would have done it. I think we were

going to then but I got pregnant and

I just didn’t want to be the bride with

a big nose! So, I told him we need

to move this thing and then I lost my

grandma. When it was time for us

to do it, we were just like… “Mehn, I

have work to do oh! We don’t have

time to plan for the wedding. Shey,

we’re already married?” And we would

postpone it again and finally, I was just

like, you know what? We’re not doing

this anymore. Let’s just do it now and it

was beautiful.

I’ve never been the type to

celebrate things that concern me

loudly. I’m always guarded about

them; the people that I love, but it felt

good. To just be celebrated, wearing

beautiful dresses, smiling, paying the

money to avoid credit.

Speaking of not being one to put

things out there really, I’m sure there

are many people who, up until this

wedding, didn’t even know that you

were already married or know much

about your personal life. Are you a

mother of 3?


Okay. See, there’s so much

information out there that is

contradictory. It’s hard to know what

is true. So, my first question on this

is: how have you managed to keep

your private life private?

I’ve not made an effort to. It’s not

like I set out to say I want to be private.

I guess, it has much more to do with

the kind of person that I am. If you

8 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9



I like to hide and

the only time I can

let loose is when

I’m with the people

that I love,

don’t know me, you might misconstrue the way I am. I

like to hide and the only time I can let loose is when I’m

with the people that I love and I can’t share that with


It’s not that much of a chore; it’s not like I’m covering

my kids’ faces with a blanket like Michael Jackson.

Then, my husband is a very private person. He just loves

that unassuming thing; that he can come somewhere

and sit down and have a drink without someone being

like that’s Omawumi’s husband. He just loves being

an individual. When we got married, he was getting

messages like: “Ol’ boy, I see you inside Instagram oh.”

“Ol’ boy, so na Omawumi be your wife?” He would just

laugh and say so what do you want? Should I put a

banner on my head saying ‘I’m Omawumi’s husband’?

(laughs) That’s the way it is and we like it like that.

So, do your kids know ‘mummy’ is famous?

Yeah, they do. Like Fareed, now he’s going on three.

Whenever he sees me on TV, he’ll go like “Mummy, see

my mummy on the TV!” Then, my daughter, Camilla, on

the other hand... It scares me. I went to their school and

you know how kids are. The teacher goes like: “Camilla’s

mummy we need to talk”. Your daughter tells the other

kids “My mum is Omawumi, my mum is famous”. I

called her and told her “My darling daughter, dem no

dey use fame take dey buy anything for market. I know

that it will be a bit hard for you to understand what I’m

saying now but rather than going to gloat to your friends

that mummy is famous; rather than being boastful, why

not try and be kind.”

What do you have that you’re boastful? Who is

Omawumi? Do I have any money? I don’t have any

money oh? It’s not like you say your daddy is president.

Then, I’ll be like, carry on my daughter. But yes, they

know. They know I’m famous.

Now, speaking of less private relationships, you have

the ultimate best friend relationship with Waje.

Oh gosh! I hate talking about her!

(Laughs) No, you don’t.

(Mock disgust.)

What’s it like in an environment where there’s so much

negativity around having girl friends and all these

situations of back-biting on social media - Instagram

and what not? What’s it like having a real best friend

who is cheering you?

Who told you she’s a real person? (laughs)

For one, there are more comments on your wedding

from Waje than you, the actual celebrant. If you

Google your wedding, it’s one of the first things you

see, her posts celebrate.

Oh! Wow! Eh! (More mock disgust.)

And, you know she shows up on the set of your

‘Editorial’ and she takes over. All of a sudden she’s

creative director, model and the stylist...

You know what? I do the same; I do even more! But

10 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11



she is a cool person. The thing about it is that it’s hard,

like you said, for you to be in the same field and find

someone that has the same mind with you; that prays

with you and we have almost the same goals. And, we

vibe. Waje, you cannot pretend to like somebody, and

that’s the same about me. I think it’s been a good run.

She’s okay.

When did you meet? And how many years have you

been close?

Over ten years; we met in Lagos, at a TV interview.

Somebody had told me about her and that she was

this mad vocalist she was. So, when she said ‘My name

is Waje’, I was like so? I know you. I heard that you could

sing and she was like ‘Me, I heard you’re not bad too oh’.

She was like ‘Where are you going to? Okay, let’s move

together now’.

The next morning we resumed and we called and it

was like ‘How are you?’ And, that was it.

So, ten years strong. That’s pretty awesome! Has there

been any time people have gone around spreading

rumours that almost came between you both?

Yeah, it always happens but Waje is such a part of my

life that if that happens, one person will probably wake

up and call someone. Like my mother will wake up and

call someone or her mother will do the same or my

husband or her brother. Our families are too intertwined

for anybody to sit back and say they have issues. We’ve

gone past that stage. If I have issues with her, I’ll just tell

her and she’ll either abuse me or tell me you’re wrong

and vice-versa and you know life continues.

Now, to your plans for this year. Aside from the fact

that you plan on releasing an album, what else should

we expect from you?

No, it’s not an album; it’s an EP. We’ve decided to

wear the pants of movie producers, Waje and I. So,

we’re just about to wrap up our first film.

That’s nice

It’s a stellar cast and it’s been frustrating and exciting.

You’ll hear more about it when that time comes.

So, do we get any hint who the stars in it are or it’s still

hush hush?

Of course not! It’s still hush hush!

So, now that you guys are sharing movie producers’

roles, are we going to get any special Omawumi and

Waje album?

It’s in the works.

Oh, that’s very nice. I’m sure fans will be very excited

to hear that.

I hope so. The thing about it is, we vibe as musicians.

And, we’re always directing each other - when one

person is recording and the other shows up. So, the

question people are asking is: ‘’Oh, why don’t you

release an album together and we’re always like do we

have to? Is that not cliché?

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www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13



There’s this news that you walked

out of an interview because the

interviewer asked a question

you didn’t like; you know, diva

behaviour? Could you have handled

it better?

This will sound rude but I don’t

care. As much as I’m an artiste, I’m

a human being. You know, the world

has this perception that ‘you owe it to

us to tell us anything; we’re your fans’.

But no! I don’t owe it to you to tell you

anything. I tell you what I want to tell


My job as a musician is to sing and

entertain and that’s it. So the question

about people saying I could have

handled it better, I don’t care; she

came into my space. I’ve never really

talked about it because I don’t like

to give it attention. It’s pretty basic;

that’s how I am. I am a Warri girl. You

should be very happy that I walked

out because that was my office where

that interview was held.

The press, you have a job to do,

yes. But as much as you want to

say juicy things and get people to

follow your platform, there has to be

some level of credibility and respect;

respect for the other person. You

don’t put somebody in place just to

keep going at them. The first question,

second question, third question, fourth

question were all negative questions;

you know, something that would taint

you just so people will come and

follow your platform, not caring about

the individual you’re tearing apart.

Give the person an opportunity to say,

‘I want to answer or I don’t want to


You mentioned your fans. You

said that you don’t feel a sense of

obligation. But, isn’t that trying to

have your cake and eat it too? In

the sense that beyond the music

any artiste produces, fans tend

to form a personal attachment to

artistes which without, your brand or

any other artiste’s brand, would not


I understand but let me give you

the best way I know how to explain

this. I’ll give you a case study. Michael

Jackson was a talented young, Black

artiste. You know, with the fans, there’s

this perception of what is required of

you; this is how you should look and

all. Michael Jackson started changing

and kept changing until he changed

finally. Now, after doing all these things

for the fans, where is he today? He

is dead! And, now there are mixed

reports. As much as he has his diehard

fans, some people still found a

way to tag him a paedophile.

At what point… Where do you find

that balance? Where do you strike that

balance? At what point do you say,

I’m a musician; I’m not a reality star. I

cannot come and kill myself for world

people! I would love to entertain you if

you give me a chance but I would not

put my mental health at risk because I

want to do that. There’s a yard. Where

do you stop?

Styling & Creative Directing: Teresa Aligbe

For Phenom Communications

Photography: Iju Asonibe

Makeup: Mary Jane Ohubu For Zaron

Hair: Kingsley

Location: The Backyard Bar and Grill


Dresses: Trish O Couture

Black Top: Mai Atafo

Blue and White Skirt : Ayo Van Elmar

14 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15



The Fashion


Glamsquad once again

captures the essence of our

DaViva women, the fird of

passion and desire with dignity,

serenity and style”

- DaViva Management

16 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17



18 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19



20 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21




Delta Mall


Shop 36, Delta Mall Warri.


Shop #47,

Polo Park Mall,

Abakaliki Expressway, Gra,

Enugu State

Ikeja, Lagos Shop L51,

Ikeja City Mall.

Port Harcuort

No 82, Tombia Extension Gra

Phase 3

Port Harcourt.

Omega Center

Plot 527, Aminu Kano Cresent,

Wuse 2, ABUJA.

Creative Director : Nelly Mesik

Photography : B Photography

Stylist: Funke Ajomale

Makeup : Peace Polycarp

22 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23



Givenchy top

handle bag

Gucci top

handle bag

Moschino fanny pack

Diane Von


fringe bag


Whether you wear it at your

elbow, or simply let your

assistant tote it, the top handle is

this season’s ladylike winner.




A rather useful handbag design

for the upcoming season really

emphasizes the need for travel,

as fanny packs that have been

mightily revamped from the old

days are spotted throughout,

coming in furs and fringes,

graphics or simple minimalism.

Tory Burch fringe bag


Fringe looks gorgeous this

season in rainbow colours

or the metallic versions at

Diane Von Furstenberg

(DVF), while it takes on

a distinctively 1970s

style at Tory Burch. We

love the scattered fringe

on suede at Christian

Siriano, while it turns to

futuristic clutches with

metallic tassels at Badgley


Marc Jacobs

mobile phone




By - Fatima Garba

Timeless elegance characterizes the best

bags for this season, whether through faraway

inspiration, an era revisited, natural leather

and graphic luxury skins, metallic details or the

season’s dominant colours of black, grey and

red. Think high style with fun finishing touches, as

we celebrate the new-season trends.



The bucket bag is

evolving, with inspired

takes on the simple shape,

done up with added

rouching, asymmetrical

shapes or embellishment.



One of the most common 2016

handbag trends seen on the

runway is the structured bag, the

one that is very clearly defined

on all sides. Structured designs

come in the guide of alligator skin

rectangular pieces at

Zimmermann, while

we see House of

Holland, Hill & Friends,

Sophia Webster and

Mary Katrantzou

all have some

rather spectacularly

structured bags on

display for the season.

High fashion is embracing

technology,your post-modern clutches

are now equipped for your iPhone 5

and 6.

Swarovski crystal

mobile phone


Chanel bucket


Anya Hindmarch

Vaughan Bucket Bag

Furla structured

square handbag

24 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25



Chanel half

moon handbag


Asos halfmoon

crossbody bag

Who does not love the half-moon trend out there?

Victoria Beckham certainly is enamoured, so much so

that her 2016 bags imitate the design with ease and

gorgeous flow. This is expected to become the coming

season’s new It bag that all the girls will be clamouring

for, with the spacious feel and the very 1970s appeal.


We see some very graphic colours,

stripes and designs appearing on the

the runways in 2016 for bags, versus the

more muted we might like to carry on a

daily basis. It is all about being sassy and

fashion-savvy now, bold and beautiful and

quite confident in your own style.

Betsey Johnson

apple bag

Kate Spade





This season,we saw the strawberry

cream and sprinkle topped

cake that the ladies on

stage mistake for edible

sustenance at Betsey

Johnson. Kate Spade

has a thing for peanuts

though as we see

on the runway show

featuring a movie sized



Another common structure

to the season’s handbags is

the clutch, wherein there are

no straps to hold onto or pull

over the shoulder and you

must keep your bag in hand at

all times. Everything from

the cupcakes to the face

designed pieces, come

in clutch looks while

metallic comes into play

at Badgley Mischka.

D&G graphic handbag

DVF Graphic


Saint Laurent YSL

metallic bag

Stella Mcartney



Alexander Mc Queen

clutch bag





Chain straps appeared as a trend

last year and has continued this year.

The featured favorite chains with

fringe for example at DVF, or with

oven shaped designs as seen at

Betsey Johnson. Even the Jeremy

Scott flowers have chains to hold on


Valentino crystal chain

strap handbag

Chanel chain

strap bag


furry bag



We love seeing the furry pieces on the

runways and now we get to enjoy it as

a trend that we will most definitely be

investing in once they become available

to the general public. Pretty and fabulously

furry, Topshop Unique, walks in with a rather

lovely combination of colours and textures.

Dolce & Gabbana

furry bag

Silver is big this year. Shimmering

silver with a futuristic appeal has

been the main look that everything

from clothing to shoes has taken

on. So it makes sense that we will

see them on the runways this 2016

,handbags as well, a bit little more

toned down. We see a whole lot of

the metallic articulation at DVF.

26 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


How to Achieve

Flawless Skin

by Adimchinobi Oji

It is said that we are what

we eat, and that flawless

skin comes from within.

Unfortunately, we can’t

guarantee that we would always

drink our six glasses of water a

day or skip that yummy slice

of red velvet cake to indulge

in a bowl of leafy green salad.

Thankfully, with the right products

and a regular routine, we can

get around this and keep our

skin looking flawless. Here are a

few basic tips to keep your skin

smooth, soft and poreless all

year round.

Cleanse, Cleanse and

then Cleanse Again

The importance of cleansing your

skin cannot be overemphasized! Your

skin absorbs products easily when it is

clean. Depending on your skin type, it

is ideal to cleanse your face twice a

day; once in the morning and again

at night before bed. Don’t get overzealous

though! Washing your face

more times than necessary will only

lead to dry, patchy skin and nobody

wants that!

Various cleansers are tailored to

different skin types. A great cleanser


Using a serum is no reason to skip using a moisturizer! A moisturizer has a

heavier texture than a serum. It hydrates and locks moisture into the skin

leaving it feeling softer and more elastic. A rule of thumb while applying

moisturizer is never to apply it from top to bottom. This tugs on the skin

and will lead to it sagging prematurely.

For people with dry skin, a moisturiser that’s specifically


for intense hydration such as The Body Shop Vitamin E


Moisture Cream is recommended. A lightweight, oilfree

moisturiser like the Clinique Dramatically Different

Moisturizing Gel

is ideal for people with oily skin. It is non-greasy

and is not likely to

clog pores. People with combination skin may

have to use different products on the various

part of their faces depending on how oily or

how dry the areas are.


will gently remove dirt and sweat

but will not strip the skin of its natural

oils. Gel and cream cleansers are

best used in the morning while oil

cleansers are best used

at night. An excellent oil cleanser

for all skin types is L’Occitane Shea

Butter Cleansing Oil. For a good gel

cleanser, try The Cleansing Gel by La

Mer. It is literally a

‘miracle broth’ and works wonders on

the skin!



Putting on sunscreen to protect your skin from UV

rays is one of the best things you can do for your

skin. It is arguably the most important skin care

step when it comes to keeping signs of ageing at

bay. If you are likely to skip this step, it is advisable

to invest in a moisturiser that also has sunscreen

in it. A multi-tasking moisturizer such as the Murad

Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF

30 Pa +++ or Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily

Moisturizer SPF 30 is guaranteed to protect skin

from sun damage while visibly brightening the skin.


Exfoliate and Tone:

Everyone should exfoliate!

Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin

cells and leaves skin feeling very

soft and smooth. It also helps

your serums and moisturisers sink

in better and your foundation

go on seamlessly. For exfoliating,

we have two options: we can

either go with a physical exfoliant

or a chemical exfoliant. The

secret to choosing a good

physical exfoliant is looking out

for exfoliating products with finer,

less coarse beads. A good sugar

scrub such as the Oriki 2 in 1

Anti-Aging Facial Exfoliator or the

Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating

Cream with Microbeads should

do the trick. It is advisable to use

a physical exfoliant not more

than twice a week as over-doing


it will lead to micro- tears in the


Chemical exfoliants are less

abrasive on the skin and can be

both gentle and hydrating. You

can’t go wrong with Biologique

Recherche Lotion P50 which

has a cult following and has

proven over the years to be one

of the most effective chemical

exfoliants. Other good chemical

exfoliants include the Pixi Glow

Tonic and Elizabeth Arden Skin

Illuminating Retexturizing Pads.

Most chemical/acid based

toners can be used everyday

but it is advisable to start with

only applying them to your skin

a couple of times a week and

increasing the frequency as your

skin adapts to it.


Hydrating Serums

Potent plant extracts for visibly

firmer and more radiant skin.

While this step is not very popular,

it is very beneficial and may be

all your skin needs to get that

coveted glow. Thinner than your

regular moisturiser, it is packed

full of active ingredients and

penetrates quickly into the skin,

working on a deeper level.

Serums are applied after

cleansing and toning and before

moisturising the skin. There are

several good serums available,

each targeted at specific needs.

Clarins Double Serum Complete

Age Control Concentrate is a

serum for all skin types and has

over fifteen


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Hello people, can you

believe Esther is here

again? Didn’t we just

say ‘Happy New Year’? Wow,

who cares? This special

season is here again when

eggs come in all the lovely

colours and variance. Yes,

get ready for all the tasty

chocolate eggs y’all!

Apart from being one of the

most significant events on

the Christian calendar, Easter

is always fun! With loads

of special traditions and of

cause the tasty turkey, this is

one of my best celebrations

every year.

Do you know there are some

age long Esther traditions

practiced in different parts of

the world? Here is my Top 5

and I am sure there are some

you never knew existed.

Don’t freak out, enjoy the




By Hannah B.




Have you ever had your butt

spanked by a stranger before?

Well, there is a chance of that

happening if you are traveling

to these Eastern European

countries over Easter. There’s

an Easter Monday tradition

in which men playfully spank

women with handmade whips

made of willow and decorated

with ribbons. According to

legend, the willow is the first

tree to bloom in the spring, so

the branches are supposed to

transfer the tree’s vitality and

fertility to the women.


To celebrate Esther in

Finland, Children are

dressed up as witches and

go from door to door for

chocolate eggs. During this

period, the people make

great bonfire because

they believe flames scare

witches and prevent them

from flying on their brooms

between the special

periods of Good Friday to

Esther Sunday - can you

beat that?


In Poland, there is an Easter

tradition called ‘Smigusdyngus’

which involve boys

drenching themselves in

water. They go about pouring

buckets of water on people

– especially girls (Oh yeah,

you guessed right). However,

Legends have it that matured

girls who are unknowingly

drenched by water during this

celebration will find husbands

in the coming year.


In Verges, Spain, the

Easter celebration

begins on Thursday

when a ‘death dance’ to

reenact the passion of

Christ is carried out. The

people dress in skeleton

costumes and parade

through the streets. The

dance starts before

midnight and ends

about three hours into

the morning.



How about throwing out your

pots and pans? On the morning

of Holy Saturday, the traditional

“pot throwing” takes place on

the Greek island of Corfu. People

throw pots, pans and other

earthenware out of their windows,

smashing them on the street.

Some say the custom derives from

the Venetians, who on New Year’s

Day used to throw out all of their

old items.

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showcases a complete dose of

melanin and portrays the strength

of women and how well women

can manage power and positions

when given the opportunity.

Set in the fictional country of

Wakada - a perfect juxtaposition

of ancient African and

contemporary technology,

Black Panther revealed how the

balance between monarchy and

democracy can be managed

(a concept often discredited by

the West). The movie showcases

an ideal society where Africa

actualizes it’s potential for

advancement and women are at

the fulcrum.

As far as feminism goes, this

movie is Janet Jackson’s black

feminist quote come to life. Janet

is quoted saying “Black women

possess a special indestructible

strength that allows us to not only

get down, but to get up, to get

through, and to get over.” Through

the characters of the Dora Milaje,

Shuri and Nakia, the strength and

resilience of the black woman

was showcased and celebrated.

It is impossible to discuss Black

Panther and not touch on the

theme of beauty! Yes, beauty!

This movie speaks volumes in

the promotion of Black pride.

The women all adorned natural

cuts (every member of the Dora

Milage cuts her hair

bald), beautiful natural

fros (as shown on

princess Nakia) and

dreads – which was

shown beautifully on

Shuri (played by Letitia


Celebrity stylist, Camille

Friend who was the

lead hairstylist on the

movie set was quoted

saying “In this movie,

there is no press and comb. This

is the true beauty of an African

Woman”. Now isn’t that amazing?!

This deliberate celebration of

black beauty in its most organic

form has come at a time of great

importance. It comes at a time

where for many black women,

being yourself and wearing your

natural locks, has become a

highly politicized act.

Yes, we have witnessed many

a great movies in the past and

Black Panther will not be the last

of them, but this movie speaks

to many important cultural and

political themes. Black Panther

is a both a celebration of the

Visionary dream of Africa Rising

and a celebration of the very

essence of black womanhood.

It leaves a lasting impression

and wistful hope-or some may

argue, inspiration, that will last

for generations to come. If you

have not seen this movie, you

had better hurry - there really is

no forgivable under the sun to not

see Black Panther in Cinemas. For

our path, we rate the movie a 4

out of 5. So go on and join in on

the Black Panther fever while you

still can. Wakanda Forever!

By Sebastiane Ebathemehi

Running Time: 2Hours, 17Mins.

Director: Ryan Coogler

Production: Marvel Studios

Major Cast: Chadwick Boseman,

Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B.

Jordan, Forest Whitaker, Angela

Bassett, Danai Gurira, Letitia


With only a few weeks left

before Black Panther

leaves Cinemas for

good, we’re here to tell you all the

reasons why you should absolutely

see what can only be described

as History In the Making before it’s

too late.

Like you must have heard about

a million times, Black Panther is

a movie like no other. This first of

it’s kind from the Marvel, Black

Panther has raised the bar in

positioning Africa, women –

particularly black women at the

very top! The movie paints Africa

in all colours of the rainbow but

tells the tale in shades of black

through culture and women – and

we loved it!

The story which is deeply rooted

in African culture and tradition,

tells the tale of T’challa - a true

African King who has the tough

decision to make of honoring

time preserved traditions or

risking breaking those traditions

to step out of exclusion and

into the modern world. T’Challa

the heir apparent to the throne

has an all-female warrior team

(referred to as ‘Dora Milage’) as

his bodyguards. Yes, all women

– African women. Black Panther

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It’s 2018. How was 2017 in a nutshell?

I am extremely grateful to God;

2017 was awesome. How could it not

be? A problem of over 30 years was

solved through this miracle oil and the

follow on from that was amazing; no

more forgetfulness, tiredness, anxiety,

palpitations, irritation or agitation.

There is a thin line between insomnia

and insanity.

What are your hopes for the new


My goal for the new year is to make

2018 much better than 2017; help

change the world, one life at a time

through the Miracle Hempworx CBD

Oil. Every household needs it. Health,

they say is wealth. Good health, I say,

is priceless!

What is your New Year Resolution, if


I do not make New Year Resolutions.

Every day, I strive to become better

than what I was yesterday; read

more books, try new things, keep on

improving. Most of all, LIVE life!!!

You are a wellness coach. Tell me

what you do as a coach?

Princess Lamia


On The Miracle

Hemp Oil

I am a qualified lawyer who has

never practised. I would not call myself

a wellness coach simply because I do

not advise on health per se. I would

describe myself as someone who

provides support to people who want

to improve their lives; helping them to

make decisions, solve problems and

achieve goals.

What is the appropriate state of

wellness for an individual?

Our lifestyle choices are a key

component of general well being. You

are what you eat!’ That phrase has

been around for who knows how long

and, quite frankly, it’s not too far off

the mark. If you eat well and exercise,

you are much more likely to have a

healthy body and mind.

My father, at the age of 80, still

does yoga. He has been doing this

even before I was born and I am his

first child in my forties. That gives you

an idea of how long he has been

doing it. One of the yoga positions

he does is standing on his head

and he is in good health. Of course,

personal decisions made about food

and exercise aren’t the only lifestyle

choices we make. Our behaviour also

By - Linda Orajekwe

Princess Lamia Momoh is a trained

lawyer turned wellness coach.

Passionate about people enjoying

better quality life, Lamai promotes wellness

through supplementation.She was a

prominent member of Adis but relinquished

her role as one of the pioneer leaders, when

Adis failed to establish a base in Nigeria.

Today, Lamia is anxious to talk about

Cannabis oil, the new miracle oil, which has

taken the international world by storm and

cured her 35 years insomnia.

influences our health and well-being

far beyond the confines of dietary


You spoke earlier about the efficacy

of the ‘wonder oil’ that has taken the

international wellness industry by

storm. Tell me about it.

Yes, the Hempworx CBD Oil.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over

85 cannabinoids identified in the

cannabis plant. Forbes has projected

that the cannabis market could grow

700% by the year 2020 and we

already see this happening.

Today, I am going to speak about

the Hempworx CBD Oil. Having an

elderly mother who is going through a

serious health challenge and having

tried orthodox drugs which were

not satisfactory, I was ready to try

alternative therapy.

When you have a loved one going

through issues, you cannot afford

closed-mindedness. It might cost you!

A few months ago, I was on social

media and an ex-business partner of

mine was advertising the Hempworx

CBD Oil. It wasn’t the oil that caught

my eye; it was the various testimonials

mostly from people in America and

the UK who had used it and were

speaking about the efficacy of the

Hempworx CBD Oil.

The testimonials were mind-blowing.

Real life testimonials from people who

were suffering from various ailments

like chronic pain, stroke, ADHD, bipolar,

diabetes, insomnia, arthritis, cancer,

fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, high

blood pressure, hair and nails growth,

dry eyes; the list is endless. I decided

to find out if they had anything that

could help my mum so I bought four

bottles from my friend to try.

When the bottles arrived, I kept

one bottle for myself to use for the

pain to the sole of my foot, plantar

fasciitis, an injury I sustained while

exercising. Two days after using the oil,

the pain in my foot disappeared and

I noticed something quite strange. I

was sleeping unaided without the use

of tablets. The only thing I had done

differently was to take the Hempworx

CBD Oil.

I waited for a few days before telling

anyone just to make sure it was not a

figment of my imagination. After a few

days, I realised that it was not a fluke. I

could go to bed and fall asleep, wake

up at night, get up, go back to bed,

fall asleep again and wake up feeling

refreshed in the morning. I

could not believe it. I was

not tired; I felt calm and I

could think properly. That, to

me, is a miracle.

My personal story is for

over 30 years, I have

been suffering from

a sleeping disorder

called insomnia. I have seen various

physicians for this ailment. And, I have

taken loads of drugs; different levels

of Valium, Restoril, (Temazepam)

Mogadon, Nytol I & II, Kalms, Tylenol

PM, Rozerem... Can’t remember all

the names (plus) hot baths, massages,

warm soya milk, counting sheep. I tried

almost everything just to get a good

night’s sleep.

How does it work and what

specific ailments does it treat?

Our CBD products utilise the full

spectrum cannabis plant mixed

with hemp seed oil. Not all hemp

is created equal. Our CBD oil is

from non-GMO, organically grown,

“CBD is becoming

increasingly popular for

having a wide scope of

medicinal benefits – due to

clinical reports and mounds

of test data showing little

to no side effects and a lack

of psychoactivity (typically

associated with marijuana

products and high THC).

In America, some doctors

prescribe medical marijuana

to treat patients when

everything else fails.”

pesticide-free and CO2 extracted

hemp oil. It’s non-addictive and no

side effects.

We have had testimonials on

various issues ranging from insomnia,

stroke, lupus, ADHD, bipolar, diabetes,

chronic pain, arthritis, cancer,

fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, high

blood pressure, hair and nails growth

and dry eyes; the list is endless.

One lady who been on the oil for

two months prior had a surgery

and came out not

needing pain killers

because, she said, she

didn’t feel any pain.

How can

these claims be

substantiated and

how long before you

see results

There are over

23,000 studies

that show the

benefits of medical cannabis

for a variety of diseases and health

conditions. It’s backed by an

enormous body of scientific research,

enthusiastic public opinion and more

progressive cannabis laws which

is giving cannabis the reputation it

deserves as a ground breaking health


Results vary from person to person.

However, it is not if, but when, so if you

do not see results in a day or 2, stick

with it; people have been known to

experience relief after a couple of

days of consumption while in some

others, it might take a month or 6


Hemp oil sounds like Indian hemp.

Is it the type popular with area boys?

If not, what is the difference?

A lot of people mistake marijuana

for hemp; there is a big difference.

I had to be educated on it as well.

Hemp and marijuana are birthed by

the same plant, cannabis. However,

while marijuana contains a very high

level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

which is responsible for marijuana’s

psychoactive effects, Hempworx

CBD Oil contains the barest minimum

amount of THC 0.03%.

I believe the area boys take

marijuana, which has a large content

of THC and can make a person

hallucinate, become high or stoned

but Hempworx CBD is pure hemp oil

without the psychoactive effect.

Tell me a bit about yourself. How do

you relax when you are not working?

I read or go to the cinema.

What do you do for food, fashion

and fabulosity?

I try to eat healthy and in

moderation. As for fashion, anything

that looks nice on me, I will wear. So, it

doesn’t have to be in vogue.

Finally, is the oil available in

Nigeria and what precautions, if any,

should one take when purchasing

and using it?

Hempworx CBD Oil is available in

Nigeria. To use, start with five drops

under the tongue hold for 2 minutes

and swallow. You take it morning and

night. It is not addictive and there are

no side effects.

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This Month, Our dining focus is

on Burg, the brainchild of Ladi

Onalaja, brother to designer

Kanyinsola Onalaja. Burg is an

upscale burger joint situated on Isaac

John in GRA Ikeja.

I happened upon Burg on one of my

commutes to work. We drove past

what appeared to be a nice, clean,

minimalist building with the name

Onalaja on it, at the beginning of

the year. The name Onalaja rang

a bell. After giving it some thought,

I recognized it as the eponymous,

contemporary Womenswear brand.

This identification was sufficient to

peak my interest, even though I

By Teresa Aligbe

had assumed (correctly) that the

designer had simply decided to

open her flagship store in GRA. Glass

walls, visible from outside framed the

entire front end of the 1 story building

and a clean white concept swept

through the rest of it. The building

and the interior appeared to be in

construction, so it wasn’t until a month

later, that I noticed yellow lighting and

some black wiring spell out ‘BURG’

on the left side of the ground floor.

Determined to uncover this new

sighting, I made a mental note to stop

by after work the following evening.

At about 8pm the next day, a friend

of mine and I decided to investigate

‘BURG’. As we walked into the

compound and closer to the glass

door, it became apparent that Burg

was a restaurant. We stepped in and

took a couple minutes to drink in the


An assault of brown wood

immediately gave the restaurant an

earthy, rich feel. White walls and black

furniture complimented the wood,

immediately giving the impression that

this was no low budget burger joint.

The decor was extremely minimal

and we were of the opinion that a bit

more could be done with it..... Only

to realize a little later that we had

dropped in before the official launch.

A few interesting touches including

some decorative newspaper were

added to accent the space without

compromising its minimalist feel. It was

brilliantly executed.

We walked up to the counter and

picked up the menu and the price

points were a confirmation of the

ambiance. A nice, polite young lady

at the counter turned her attention

to my friend and I to take our orders.

Another waiter pressed a button with a

number that signaled to a couple at a

table that their order was ready to be

picked up.

We looked around some more and

in walked a tall, stocky young man in

a black tee and slacks, with a slightly

wild afro. He looked dressed down

and casual and the waiters and staff

seemed comfortable enough around

him. He stepped into the kitchen,

put on an apron and got to work.

We assumed he was either the Head

Chef, the Manager or the Owner....

one of our three guesses paid off.

Shortly after we ordered some drinks

presented to us in a Styrofoam cups

(very on theme), we walked to the

back of the restaurant to see what it

36 www.glamsquadmagazine.com

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37



had going for it; and it was an entirely

different ball game. The backyard of

Burg gave credence to the house

music pouring through the whole

space. A tall custom hookah sat atop

one of the tables. Ayo (yes you read

right) chess and drafts sat atop tables

in-between wooden benches and

tree styled stools. At the extreme right

of the backyard was a table tennis

set up and on the wall close to it, a

few gaming suggestions. The darts

positioned on the wall, right next to

the wooden benches and tree styled

stools, would come in a few visits later.

The concept of the restaurant was

very hard to miss. It was a piece of

Soho come to life in Lagos. We were

having a hard time hiding the fact that

we were impressed... not necessarily

because it was over the top but simply

because the concept was very well


We walked back in and enquired from

one of the waiters about who I could

speak to about the restaurant and as

sure as one of three guesses were, it

was the tall, stocky guy with the slightly

wild fro... Ladi. It turns out he was the

Owner. I had a brief chat with him and

we scheduled a meeting.

Sometime the following week, I paid

Ladi a visit at Burg and we sat to have

a chat. Discovering how the newly

christened restaurateur got into this

line of business was a very interesting

one. Ladi who is a Music Producer

and Graphic Designer (He recently

released 2 songs on an album with

his friend Dave Blanco. One of the

songs is called Blanco) fell in love

with cooking during his time at SAE

in Oxford. Ladi started out cooking

burgers with his then girlfriend, for

his friends and his family. This hobby

quickly transformed into a passion

and according to Ladi, every other

experiment somehow involved

Burgers. After graduating from SAE and

perfecting a variety of burger recipes,

Ladi felt inspired to start his restaurant

in London. For some reason, London

didn’t work out and after splitting with

his girlfriend who had been a huge

part of his cooking journey, home felt

like the next natural choice. Shuttling

back and forth between Lagos and

London, Ladi comes clean about

how difficult starting a business can

be. According to the restaurateur

“The hardest part of it was teaching

people to do things with care.” Which

makes perfect sense when you think

of his response to my question on the

one thing He would like people to

know about him. He responds “If I’m

honest… it’s that my whole life revolves

around quality.”

When I ask him about the inspiration

behind the restaurants aesthetics he

says “It’s a mixture of several things. So

how I usually work with all my work is

that I start off on the very basic thing

and I add layers to it. So this whole

place came about kind of like a cake.

You add each layer and things I like.

So it’s a bit of a reflection of me. Even

the music we listen to. I like listening

to house music or electronic music

because whenever I listen to it, it

makes me feel like I’m in a club in the

UK or something.”

Nostalgia is exactly the feeling

stepping into Burg will evoke for

anyone who’s spent some time in

London. Beyond the music, it’s the

feel. When we talked about the work

culture and Burg, a blend of comfort,

experiments and mutual respect was

the code. For Ladi, his workers being

comfortable enough to enjoy working

at Burg and feeling like a part of the

team is crucial. He shares a story on

how when one time he was out, his

staff spent sometime experimenting

with a new recipe and new flavours

which he liked and successfully

made it on to the menu. Keeping the

balance, Ladi explains that as much

as he likes his staff to feel comfortable

and to love working at Burg, there’s no

confusion about who’s Boss. Mutual

respect and boundaries are still


For guests, what Burg really is, is a fun,

relaxing evening in Lagos and a great

opportunity to socialize. On one of my

subsequent visit, I was supposed to

be meeting my friend with whom I first

explored Burg, and I was a little worried

because I was late, courtesy of Lagos

traffic. It turned out that my worry was

totally unwarranted as I arrived to

meet my friend cackling away with a

total stranger turned ayo opponent. I

met the tail end of their game, before

we all went on to share a few jokes

and moved on to a game of darts

with some vanilla Ice cream that had

exactly the right consistency and taste.

Candid on how gruel the journey was

and almost quitting cold turkey, Ladi

touches on the importance of being

able to take criticisms “It hasn’t been

easy. I wouldn’t tell you like it has been

easy. Ermmm in December I wasn’t

actually going to come back. Like we

opened in December, I was actually

going to walk away from the whole

thing but I decided not to. One of the

difficult decisions to make but I came

back and we’re here now. I think for

people who can’t take criticism well or

are easily hurt by things people say, it

might be quite hard to do something

like this but like I’m the type of person

who doesn’t really care what people


Whatever the case, we’re sure more

than a few Lagosians and visitors

would be thrilled he managed to

pull through his Entrepreneurial cum

culinary journey to add to Lagos’

growing dining landscape.

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