DCIS Newsletter March 2018

Content: Grease: The Word! Letter from the Principal: March Highlights Primary School: March Highlights from Ms Lebihan Secondary School: March Highlights from Mrs. Rinaldi International Women's Day Assembly DCIS Under 13s Team Competes in the FOBISIA Games in Thailand Model United Nations: What an Experience! Video: Year 6 Residential Trip to Udon Thani, Thailand

Grease: The Word!
Letter from the Principal: March Highlights
Primary School: March Highlights from Ms Lebihan
Secondary School: March Highlights from Mrs. Rinaldi
International Women's Day Assembly
DCIS Under 13s Team Competes in the FOBISIA Games in Thailand
Model United Nations: What an Experience!
Video: Year 6 Residential Trip to Udon Thani, Thailand


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<strong>March</strong> <strong>2018</strong><br />

<strong>DCIS</strong> <strong>Newsletter</strong><br />

Grease: The Word!<br />

Reflecting on a job well done<br />

by the entire cast of Grease<br />

As I write I am listening to the band warm<br />

up for the second performance of Grease,<br />

having performed a highly successful<br />

opening show we are looking forward to the<br />

second and final performance. As I watched<br />

the videos of the cast being interviewed in<br />

the run up to the event, it struck me that<br />

every student talked about making new<br />

friends and working together as the things<br />

they have enjoyed most about being in the<br />

show, and I think this really shines through<br />

in their performances.<br />

Congratulations to all the students involved<br />

and thank you to all the teachers and staff<br />

who committed their time, energy and<br />

expertise to making the production such a<br />

success.<br />

Christopher Short, Principal<br />

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Letter from the Principal:<br />

<strong>March</strong> Highlights<br />

Our Principal Christopher Short looks back on yet another<br />

extremely busy and successful term at <strong>DCIS</strong>.<br />

Dear <strong>DCIS</strong> Parents and Guardians,<br />

I tend not to look back at previous termly<br />

newsletter articles I have written but if I<br />

did I have a feeling each one would say<br />

that the term has gone quickly and has<br />

been extremely busy and successful! This<br />

term is no exception – in fact I think the<br />

busyness and success is reaching new<br />

heights. We were very pleased to host a<br />

visit from representatives from the Council<br />

International Schools who spent four days<br />

with us as part of our pre-accreditation<br />

process. The positive outcome of this visit<br />

means we now start an 18 month selfevaluation<br />

where groups of staff and other<br />

members of the <strong>DCIS</strong> community meet to<br />

review all aspects of the school, ahead of a<br />

full accreditation visit in November 2019.<br />

We continue to do well on the sports field<br />

with promotions and medals in many of our<br />

ACSIS competitions. We’ve recently added<br />

girls touch rugby to our team roster which is<br />

proving popular. We participated in our first<br />

FOBISIA Under 13 games this term and I was<br />

delighted to be able to fly up to Phuket to<br />

see the students in action. I am so grateful<br />

to Mr. Holmes and his team of PE (and other)<br />

teachers who run these teams and take them<br />

to fixtures in the evenings and weekends.<br />

Grease cast and crew have been working<br />

tirelessly over the last few months, which<br />

culminated in the excellent performances in<br />

the last week of term. A large number of staff<br />

gave up a huge amount of time and helped<br />

make the performances as successful as they<br />

were. Mr. Dwyer, Ms Hooper, Mr. Fernadez,<br />

Mr. Irving, Ms Fairchild, Ms Morgan, Ms<br />

Bennet, Ms Kertrestel and Ms Johnston , all<br />

deserve special mention for their lead roles<br />

in this production.<br />

We ran four successful trips this year for<br />

Year 6 and the Secondary section. These<br />

are an excellent opportunity for students to<br />

experience new cultures and work as a team<br />

completing different challenges. A great<br />

example was the Year 6 trip to Thailand<br />

where students had the opportunity to build<br />

a fish farm for the local community. Running<br />

a school trip is probably the most stressful<br />

but rewarding activity we do as teachers and<br />

I am grateful to the Year Group and Progress<br />

Leaders who led the trips and the staff who<br />

accompanied them.<br />

current strategy to ensure we are practising<br />

what we preach.<br />

Now that we have implemented the IB<br />

Diploma programme, we have had a new<br />

focus on students applying to higher<br />

education. We have had numerous visits<br />

from established universities and Ms Ford<br />

has worked with students from Year 10<br />

upwards, on the planning needed to start<br />

thinking about career options and how to get<br />

into Higher Education. Having been through<br />

this process 2 years ago with my daughter I<br />

know the planning involved in making sure<br />

you can navigate the best way to the next<br />

stage of a young person’s education.<br />

One area I have been uncharacteristically<br />

quiet about is campus developments<br />

and the crossing outside the school. We<br />

continue to be in discussions with the<br />

relevant authorities and these are proving<br />

very positive. I hope to be in a position to<br />

say more next term and I appreciate your<br />

patience as we continue to find the best<br />

solutions for our school.<br />

I hope all of our students and staff have a<br />

restful holiday and that you too have a good<br />

holiday if you manage to get away. Happy<br />

Easter to those parents who are celebrating<br />

and we look forward to welcoming your<br />

children back to the school on Monday 16th<br />

April.<br />

Best wishes,<br />

Christopher Short<br />

Principal<br />

We were really pleased to bring back the<br />

annual school production this term. The<br />

2<br />

In the classroom we have continued to see<br />

great work being done. Our collaboration<br />

with UNICEF and the Sustainable Goals<br />

is proving to be an excellent focus for<br />

education, in this important area. We were<br />

fortunate to welcome Peter Milne who ran a<br />

series of workshops on what we must do to<br />

promote sustainability. There is tremendous<br />

debate about the impact of single use plastic<br />

and this is an area where we must review our

Primary School <strong>March</strong> Highlights<br />

from Ms Lebihan<br />

Ms Lebihan celebrates the many achievements of our children<br />

as they continuing to give their very best and to be valued for<br />

all they do.<br />

I would like to start by saying many thanks<br />

for all your continued support over the term<br />

which has indeed been a busy one. There<br />

have been many achievements and much to<br />

celebrate with children continuing to give their<br />

very best and to be valued for all they do.<br />

had a great time, and made some useful<br />

educational links with their Project Work<br />

back in class.<br />

Some highlights from the term have<br />

included our trips, which have continued<br />

into Term 2, with our Year 4 Kota Rainforest<br />

residential as well as the Year 6 trip to Udon<br />

Thani in Thailand. Both were very successful<br />

and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the<br />

videos that staff so kindly produced, giving<br />

an insight into the activities at both. As well<br />

as that, Nursery and Reception children<br />

enjoyed visiting ‘The City’ and had a great<br />

time in their role-play activities there.<br />

Year 2’s visit to The Insect and Butterfly<br />

Park on Sentosa was also a huge success<br />

with the children thoroughly enjoying the<br />

experience. This Term, Year 1 took a slightly<br />

different approach and, instead of going out<br />

themselves, they invited the circus to come<br />

into school. I know the children (and staff)<br />

Another huge success that had all in primary<br />

buzzing was the LEGO challenge which Miss<br />

Vessey and Mr. Handley worked so hard to<br />

plan and implement. It was ‘LEGO Mania’<br />

for a few days with each year group being<br />

responsible for a different part of a whole<br />

school model. The end product was our<br />

own <strong>DCIS</strong> LEGO sustainable city and what a<br />

fantastic result it was! Our thanks also go to<br />

the LEGO volunteers who came into school<br />

to judge the results and give out some welldeserved<br />

class and individual prizes.<br />

Just a reminder that we have Diversity Day<br />

Today - children have been invited to wear<br />

silly socks for World Down Syndrome Day<br />

or blue clothes for Autism Awareness Day,<br />

or both. As our EYFS and Year 1 and Year 2<br />

children are also invited to decorate and<br />

wear an Easter bonnet, there could be some<br />

interesting outfits around!<br />

As the term draws to an end we have to sadly<br />

wave off some of our families and as always<br />

we do so with a heavy heart. I hope moves to<br />

new schools and countries go smoothly for<br />

you all. It has been a pleasure having you as<br />

a part of our <strong>DCIS</strong> community and I hope you<br />

will take happy memories of us with you.<br />

I am equally sad to say goodbye to two great<br />

teachers. Mrs. Ganesh is moving on so she<br />

can spend more time with her family. Thank<br />

you Mrs. Ganesh for your work with our Year<br />

2 children, they will miss you very much. We<br />

also say a fond farewell to Mrs. Castle. After 4<br />

years at <strong>DCIS</strong>, teaching Year 3 and Year 5 Mrs.<br />

Castle is leaving for a very new adventure as<br />

she becomes a mum. Good luck to the Castle<br />

family - I know Mr. Castle will keep us up to<br />

date with the developments!<br />

Of course, as two teacher leave, two more<br />

arrive. We look forward to welcoming Mrs.<br />

Pasha to Year 5 and Miss Torres to Year 2 at<br />

the start of next term.<br />

That leaves me only to wish you all a welldeserved<br />

and restful break. I look forward to<br />

seeing the children back in school, refreshed<br />

and ready for Term 3 after the break.As ever,<br />

do contact me if you have any questions I<br />

can help you with.<br />

Kara Lebihan<br />

Head of Primary School<br />


Secondary School <strong>March</strong> Highlights<br />

from Mrs. Rinaldi<br />

Mrs. Rinaldi reflects on another amazing term for the Secondary<br />

School at <strong>DCIS</strong>.<br />

It has been another amazing term for the<br />

Secondary School at <strong>DCIS</strong>.<br />

Year 7 have returned as confident members<br />

of the school after having made a brilliant<br />

transition, coping impressively with the extra<br />

demands of their subjects and additional<br />

homework. Year 8 have moved smoothly<br />

in to their second year of the Secondary<br />

School, with many students making the<br />

most of the huge range of opportunities<br />

available to them, whether that may<br />

through sport, Model United Nations,<br />

Student Council, the Science Olympiad or<br />

the School Musical. Year 9 have continued<br />

to work hard in building their foundation to<br />

IGCSE and have now chosen their options<br />

for Key Stage 4. Our Year 10 students have<br />

now settled in their IGCSE studies and are<br />

enjoying focusing on subjects that they have<br />

a real passion for. The Year 11 students have<br />

prepared studiously for their final exams<br />

and we are looking forward to welcoming<br />

many of these students back in to Year 12<br />

for the IB Diploma next year. Our Year 12<br />

IB students have been coping brilliantly<br />

with the demands of their subjects, whilst<br />

balancing CAS, TOK and EE.<br />

Our students continue to have wonderful<br />

opportunities outside the classroom. The<br />

trips week in <strong>March</strong> was a tremendous<br />

success, with students rising to the<br />

challenge of completing service projects and<br />

environmental work as well as taking part in<br />

a range of team building activities. We have<br />

also been delighted with the increase in<br />

sporting participation and have seen some<br />

amazing successes across a range of sports,<br />

including football, netball, basketball and<br />

athletics. The students continue to build an<br />

incredible sense of sportsmanship which<br />

was epitomised by the inaugural group of<br />

students taking part in the FOBISIA games<br />

in Phuket in February. We are also delighted<br />

to have a full cohort of 20 students joining<br />

other Nord Anglia schools to attend the Les<br />

Martinets Switzerland adventure in June and<br />

to have <strong>DCIS</strong> represented by two students at<br />

the NAE United Nations conference in New<br />

York in July.<br />

The flagship event of the term has been our<br />

production of the School Musical, “Grease”.<br />

The performances on 27th and 28th <strong>March</strong><br />

are a culmination of months of dedication<br />

and commitment from the cast, band and<br />

teachers involved. The performances have<br />

been an amazing success, with students<br />

demonstrating phenomenal talent in their<br />

dancing and singing and showing incredible<br />

teamwork and support both on and off the<br />

stage. Many of the parents have commented<br />

on the professionalism of the production,<br />

as the costumes, lights and music came<br />

together to make for an absolutely<br />

spectacular show. Congratulations to all the<br />

students involved and thank you to all the<br />

teachers who committed their time, energy<br />

and expertise to making the production<br />

such a success.<br />

I would like to take this opportunity to thank<br />

the teachers, parents and, most importantly,<br />

students for all of their contributions to<br />

the success of the Secondary School. I<br />

am extremely sad to leave Dover Court<br />

International School, but know that the<br />

school will continue to go from strength to<br />

strength. It has been the greatest privilege of<br />

my career to work at Dover Court; the spirit<br />

of the community and the commitment of<br />

all members of the school lead to students<br />

making amazing progress both in and out<br />

of the classroom. By learning at Dover<br />

Court, our students are developing the skills<br />

and knowledge that they require to rise to<br />

the demands of doing jobs that may not<br />

even yet exist and I have no doubt that our<br />

students are going to be hugely successful<br />

in their future lives, due to their enthusiasm,<br />

tenacity and ingenuity.<br />

Kind regards,<br />

Heather Rinaldi<br />

Head of Secondary<br />


International Women’s Day Assembly<br />

After a good deal of preparation, the children of 3BD, 3HK and 3/4AH celebrated International<br />

Women’s Day in assembly this week.<br />

They talked about some remarkable<br />

women from history and addressed gender<br />

stereotypes such as dressing baby boys in<br />

blue and girls in pink.<br />

We learned about the importance of equality<br />

for all and that we must not be limited by<br />

gender. The message was that we can be<br />

who we want to be, we are all unique and<br />

this should be celebrated.<br />

Thank you to all the parents who came to<br />

support us!<br />

Angela Hay<br />

EAL Class Teacher<br />

Check out the Women’s Day Assembly video<br />

here: http://bit.ly/womendayassembly<br />

<strong>DCIS</strong> Under 13s Team Competes in the<br />

FOBISIA Games in Thailand<br />

The training had been taking place since August 2017 for<br />

our first overseas <strong>DCIS</strong> Sports tournament.<br />

On Wednesday 21st February, 19 very<br />

excited students accompanied by myself,<br />

Mr. Woollard and Miss Dodson left Singapore<br />

to travel to the wonderful sports resort of<br />

Thanyapura in Phuket, to compete in the<br />

FOBISIA Under 13 games.<br />

The <strong>DCIS</strong> team were to compete in four<br />

sports over three days, swimming, athletics,<br />

basketball and football. Each sport gave<br />

our students a chance to shine, to show<br />

ambition and to be challenged.<br />

It was a superb, if tiring, few days away<br />

where every student grew within themselves<br />

and made friends with the other schools<br />

competing.<br />

The setting and facilities were amazing and<br />

it was a superb few days of competition<br />

against schools from as far away as Nepal,<br />

Thailand and Malaysia. We came away with<br />

a host of medals and memories that will last<br />

a life time.<br />

A huge thanks to our travelling parent<br />

supporters who flew out to support our<br />

team over the competition.<br />

Well done to our amazing <strong>DCIS</strong> team.<br />

Mark Holmes<br />

Head of Physical Education<br />


Model United Nations: What an Experience!<br />

MUN is now a passion, it has introduced me to an amazing world that I have no interest in leaving.<br />

Even if on the first day I was nervous and found it hard to speak by the second day in the full swing<br />

of the conference I was contributing greatly and having a great time.<br />

When I signed up for MY MUN-OFS I wasn’t<br />

sure of what to expect, what I should<br />

research and just thinking about making<br />

an opening speech left me cold. However<br />

the MUN ECA and my fellow delegates help<br />

me to prepare to the best of my ability. This<br />

was the first conference for all the <strong>DCIS</strong><br />

delegates we helped each other and once at<br />

the conference we adapted to our roles well.<br />

expected and consequently many of my<br />

fellow delegates wanted to work with me on<br />

a resolution.<br />

asked our MUN director, Mr. Jones, on ways<br />

I could improve and through his advice and<br />

encouragement I felt better and was ready<br />

to debate and defend my resolution.<br />

On the third day I went into the room with<br />

confidence although the more diplomatic<br />

nature of the MUN debate was something I<br />

was still getting used to. The debate flowed<br />

and I contributed in a constructive and<br />

positive manner.<br />

During the lobbying and merging I had<br />

come to notice that my resolution had some<br />

differences in the layout and even though<br />

my fellow delegates helped this still affected<br />

my morale. However during the break I<br />

The first day we spent in workshops meeting<br />

the other delegates who had come from<br />

Singapore and around the world with<br />

schools from the USA, Jordan and China<br />

represented. These gave me even more<br />

confidence for the second day, where<br />

the true conference began. First was the<br />

dreaded opening speeches, fortunately I<br />

was one of the last speakers at the event<br />

used this time to analyse the speeches of<br />

the more experienced MUN delegates and<br />

used this to improve my own. Thereby my<br />

opening speech turned out better than I<br />

This is my story from a nervous first-time<br />

MUNer to a successful delegate - what an<br />

experience!<br />

Vivaan<br />

Year 8 Student<br />

Year 6 Residential Trip<br />

to Udon Thani, Thailand<br />

Check out the Year 6 Thailand Trip<br />

video here: http://bit.ly/year6thaitrip<br />

6<br />

Dover Court International School (Pte) Ltd is registered with the Committee for Private Education | CPE Registration No: 197100313E | Registration Period: 05/07/2015 to 04/07/2019<br />

The Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)

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