Why Sapa and Halong Vietnam Tour Is So Special


The northern area of Vietnam always has been an attractive destination for tourists

visiting Vietnam. Do you have a desire to reach some outstanding destination in

Vietnam? With a Sapa Halong tour package,you will visit the outstanding destination of

Northern Vietnam and the cultural diversities. Sapa and Halong are 2 must see in the

North of Vietnam, and with the combo, visitors will have a chance to visit two natural

beauty and surrounding attractions of most famous destinations in the north of

Vietnam. Sapa tour package along with Halong gives tourists a chance to explore the

trekking tour in Sapa with homestay experience and a relaxing cruise in Halong Bay to

discover the stunning caves, islands.

Exploring Sapa -

The Queen of the Mountains, Sapa with its overlooking beautiful valley, lofty mountains

towering over the town becomes a great travel destination in northwest Vietnam.Nestled

high in the Tonkinese Alps near the Chinese border, Sapa was built as a hill station

during French colonial day. The lovely hill station Sapa has spectacular scenery and the

surrounding includes cascading rice terraces that spill down the mountains like a colorful


Getting into Sapa -

There are two ways to get into Sapa by bus or train. Train from Hanoi to Laokai station

takes around 9 hours or you can hire a shuttle bus or taxi to Sapa town. Accommodations

in Sapa are awesome. The night is especially delightful and romantic with the misty

mountain against the sky and twinkling stars. The accommodations are clean and maintain

all the luxury amenities.

Travel Time -

The best times of the year to visit Sapa are in the spring and fall when skies are more likely

to be clear. Summers tend to be rainy and muddy, while winter temperatures can drop to

the freezing mark. No matter what time of year you arrive, Sapa tour has many advantages

and promise to offer you a memorable trip during the months of May to December. Weather

is always good for a comfort level tourism. While considering a tour package to Sapa, don’t

forget about Halong the best place for boating and cursing.

Trekking Option -

It’s particularly rich in prospects for treks, homestays on clear days with the kind of

panoramic views. Modern tourism development makes Sapa the northern Vietnam's

premier trekking base, from where hikers launch themselves into a surrounding countryside

of cascading rice terraces and tiny hill-tribe villages. Once you've stepped out into the lush

fields, you'll understand the Sapa area's real attraction.

Explore Halong Bay -

Why not embark on a boat or a junk to discover the magnificent UNESCO wonder?

Halong Bay listed as a World Heritage Area of outstanding natural beauty. Known as

Dragon descending to the sea in Vietnam, more than 1.000 unique and remote limestone

islands sprout from the sea. These islets with the attractive grottoes and making

kayaking through the inlets can be a greater exploration in Halong Bay. Start your

journey with a comfortable junk and begin your cruise around majestic Halong Bay

accompanied by a delicious lunch. You can explore the limestone caves dotted around

the bay, soak up the sun on the top deck, explore some of the stunning caves and the

wild animals wait for some food from you. You also can stay overnight in Halong Bay and

enjoy a delicious seafood and nature.

It's not all, the Halong Sapa tour package gives you the bay cruising and sightseeing

options, Lunch, Dinner Accommodation and Overnight boarding to make it a memorable

tour to Vietnam.


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