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Rummey Design is passionate about creating sustainable and high quality
development around the world.

Residential design & planning

• masterplanning

• urban design

• architecture

• landscape architecture

• environmental

is passionate about creating sustainable and high quality

development around the world...

... we are a team of masterplanners, urban designers,

architects and landscape architects; designers of the environment and urban places

with a particular expertise in complex regeneration, public realm and high

quality implementation and detailing...

... we focus on creating ‘places’ to assist with the creation of a thriving economy, society

and environment; all vital ingredients

... of sustainable growth

Housing providers in the UK operate in different markets,

regionally, socially and economically. The market is

changing but there is a continuing need to create

developments which are ‘places’, with their own identity. This

helps with Allocations and planning Consents; it helps with

marketing, and Rummey Design believes it helps with sales.

This belief underpins our approach to residential design, at

whatever scale. It is an approach which we apply rigorously

at all stages of a project, from gaining planning Permissions,

to Public Inquiry if necessary, and to detailed Applications.

We think strategically about residential design. The essential

‘sense of place’ comes from working with the site, its physical

qualities and drawbacks and its history. In that sense it is

‘landscape-led’ and this has stood us and our clients in good

stead in enabling many important developments recently.

The work illustrated here is predominantly ‘non-urban’ in

relating to new settlements and urban extensions, but some

‘urban’ projects are also shown. This strategic approach is

central to major developers’ needs in maintaining the

‘pipeline’ of planning Consents.

Currently Rummey Design are working on, or have

influenced the design, of up to 14,000 units at Allocation,

Consent or Detailed design stage.

As designers we assist developers with:


Public Inquiries

Residential Applications and Consents

Reserved Matters

Detailed design


key clients...

... including private land owners

Ardingly College

Ballymun Regeneration

Barratt Developments

Barwood Land

Bellway Homes

Bletchley Park

Brodsworth Estate

Canal and Rivers Trust

Countryside Properties

Creative Foundation

Department of Information

Devine Homes

Fernham Homes

Fidelity International

George Wilson Developments

First Choice Build Group

Harrow Estates

Historic England

Imperial College London

Kent County Council

Liberty Property Trust (Kings Hill)

London Borough of Lambeth

McCarthy & Stone

Newcourt Residential

Ochil Developments

(gWest Resort, Scotland)

O’Keefe Construction

Persimmon Homes

Private clients/landowners


Reside Developments

Rebus Construction


Reigate Grammar School


Squerryes Estate

St Edward Homes Ltd

Taylor Wimpey

Ward Homes

Wates Developments

Most of our work is currently in the

south east of England but we have

recent or current projects in Scotland,

Wales, the Midlands and in Ireland.

public inquiry...

Rummey Design, and sister firm Rummey Environmental, have won

some notable Consents for up to 750 houses in the last 18 months,

some of these at Appeal. Rummey Design takes a landscape-led

approach to provide a strong evidence-based framework for

masterplanning and design decisions.

This analysis and evidence base is used to provide clear, defensible and

imaginative masterplans which aim to increase the sense of

place whilst being robust in a planning context. We have recently

used this approach successfully at Appeal at Silverstone, 220

houses, for Barwood Land, Stanford le Hope, 200 units, for

Barratts, Standgrove, 38 houses, for Ardingly College, and other

schemes ranging from 1 to 500 units are currently under


the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector ... that whilst the appeal scheme is

large in relation to the size of Silverstone and would represent a substantial change to

the character and appearance of the area, the site has been carefully and sensitively

planned to respond both to the topography of the land and to the traditional form of

the original village and would compromise neither the settlement’s character nor its

vitality ....

... the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector that the appeal scheme would

provide a high quality design solution for the site in accordance with the importance

attached to good design as a key aspect of sustainable design ...

D ”

At Standgrove in Sussex for

Ardingly College, 38 houses

have been Consented at

Appeal. Argument turned on

potential impact on an Area of

Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Robert Rummey was able to

convince the Inspector that no

harm would be done to the

village or the AONB, and that

the scheme had the potential

for landscape improvement.

Consented 2014


Silverstone - 220 houses

Consented 2013

strategic and Allocations

Rummey Design is currently commissioned to design

for two allocations in Cambridgeshire and Kent for

approximately 4,000 houses. One of these is to be

a free-standing new settlement, the other an urban

extension. Whilst the Bourn Airfield site is

previously used land, and the other greenfield, the

design process based on evidence is similar;

landscape-led, the masterplan aiming to produce

landscape and environmental gains through

biodiversity and use of SuDS to produce a strong

sense of place, with local distinctiveness.

landscape structure

extensive SUDS

well well accessed

11 village with distinct

neighbourhoods providing for for up up

to to 3,500 3,500 homes homes

composite diagram of of all all of of the the


proposed masterplan

design logic

Strategically connected to

the sub region by sustainable

transport modes

bus and vehicular routes


bus and vehicular routes

open space

Citydeal fast bus to Cambridge City

centre and station, and to Cambourne

Local bus connections to Cambourne,

Papworth Everard, Huntingdon and St Ives. Also

to Caldecote, Hardwick, Boxworth, Toft and


Well connected pedestrian network – home zone

sociable streets, connected to green routes through

parks and green spaces, excellent road crossings with

traffic calming or controlled crossings.

Hierarchy of streets and lanes

making connections clearly

legible for all users.

High quality cycle network with on-street lanes,

mini Holland junctions, smooth o! street leisure

paths – designed for all abilities with toucan

crossings where busy roads are crossed.

Every street connects to two other

streets. The connected street

network really works.

strategic and Allocations | Bourn Airfield- 3,500 dwellings

masterplan- Alliot Park

photovoltaic shelter linking

spaces & buildings

Alliot Park

a series of parks,

spces buildings & events

informal road connection

to Broadway

anti-coalescence woodland,

then development

bus stop/

access to school

...the central runway as

linear park and ‘address’...


Early stage work aimed at securing an allocation.

Landscape, water, transport and density studies in

tandem with the Local Authority to produce an evidencebased

preliminary masterplan for 3,500 dwellings,

schools, employment, village centre, and large-scale

environmental treatment.

in principle the rural hub

connects school, community


in principle the


rural hub

easy walking







900 houses facilities/workspace across the new within

greenspace easy walking distance of 700-

900 houses across the new


strategic and Allocations | Bourn Airfield- 3,500 dwellings



development detail landscape


play & activity


strategic and Allocations | Woodside Quarry Leeds

Lofts Farm in Essex - early stage studies for potential development

of 1,050 houses on farmland and gravel extracted land.

Landscape and Biodiversity Strategy

Water and Highways Strategy

landscape and biodiversity strategy water and highways strategy emerging masterplan

n and settlements

existing vegetation and


habitats and statutory designations

habitats and statutory


national cycle network

national route - on road

regional route - on road

marine and coastal habitat

priority habitat

priority habitat


parkland BA priority habit







1 MMO marine paln area





- doorstep greens

1 2










d c






blackwater estuary

loft’s farm pit




strategic and Allocations | Lofts Farm

loft’s farm boundary


national trust proper

catchment sensitive farm

non statutory

environbmentally sens

areas - statutory

SLA - chelmer blackwater r

local wildlife sites

The Wixams - 5000 new houses, four new villages, four new parks

The Wixams - landscape-led development in the UK:

urban and landscape design from design codes to

detailed implementation packages. A masterplan for

5,000 houses separated by major water attenuating

green spaces.

strategic and Allocations | The Wixams- landscape-led


The Creek


Castle and


A249 to


Queenborough & Rushenden Regeneration Masterplan:

Adopted in the Local Plan October 2010 - 2,300 homes

Integrating and linking Queenborough & Rushenden

Creating legibility: views, landmarks, permeability and

key frontages

Cullet Drive



A249 to

Swale Bridge

Spatial street hierarchy; street scape design principles

Activity and movement: active frontages and safer places

For public sector Regeneration Agencies,

Rummey Design obtained an Allocation in the

Local Plan for 2,300 homes, 1 million sq ft of

employment space, new infrastructure and

environmental works. From strategic vision,

consultation to proving plans.

strategic and Allocations | Queenborough & Rushenden

Dover - urban regeneration and residential capacity studies

P r o p o s e d S c h e m e M a s t e r p l a n

t o

s t a t i o n

t o c a s t l e

t o w a t e r s p o r t s

c e n t r e

outline and hybrid applications...

Recent outline applications tend to be for larger

residential developments of up to 800 units; successful

outline applications made since 2013 include

Catchyard Farm, Silverstone, 220 units, Howe

Barracks, Canterbury, 500 units, Billingshurst, 475

units, and currently a strategic project at Maidstone in

Kent for 850 units. Our approach is to work on the

basis of evidence so that the rigour of the masterplan

which accompanies these applications cannot be

challenged and forms a sound basis for negotiation.

These applications need to convey a strong sense of

place, with Parameter Plans as key documents.

Military Histor

itary History . Events . Gurkhaitary Records . Royal R egiment of Scotland . Mil

This masterplan for up to 500 dwellings is

derived from clear principles which could be

defended at Public Inquiry. The attributes of

the site are being used to create a distinctive

but commercially attractive development.

Consent expected spring 2015.

access and routes views and vistas play

y . Events . Gurkhas . War and Military Records . Royal Regiment

Regiment of Scotl and

ry History . Events . Gurkhas . War and Mil

of Scotland . Milita

. Military History . Events . Gurkhas . Wa

r and Military Re

s . War and Military Record

s . Roya

l Regiment of Scotland

urkhas . War and Militar y Records . Royal

cords . Royal Regiment of Scotland . Military History . Events . G


woodland and

ecological biodiversity


outline & hybrid applications | Howe Barracks 500 units

Welcome to the second WYE3

consultation event.

We’re here to present the results of our consultation The emerging concepts and land use ideas we are

events to date including the issues and ideas that have presenting today illustrate possible ways in which

emerged from your feedback. Working with these we Wye could develop in future years while retaining the

have developed two emerging concepts that consider qualities that are important to the community. They also

how WYE3 might evolve. Based on these emerging identify land uses for the WYE3 sites.

concepts we have also developed a number of land use

ideas for the WYE3 sites.

We would like you to comment on these concepts and

The need for Wye to retain its village character has ideas so that we can understand your preferences

emerged as the most important factor for the local better prior to assessing the viability of the ideas and

community when considering the future of WYE3. The transport impact. We will then produce a first draft

unique character of Wye is seen as being enhanced masterplan for further consultation.

by the variety of architectural styles in the historic

core, tied together by a common street frontage to

the pavement, its small palette of materials, and by its

wider landscape setting.

WYE3 consultation timeline to date

meeting withWYE3 tenants

neighbourhood plan workshop 6

tours of the WYE3 sites 28/29

WYE3 Sounding Board event 2

stakeholder meetings

january february march

7 14 21 28 4 11 18 25 4 11 18 25

third WYE3 consultation event 15/16

september october november december

3 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 5 12 19 26 3 10 17 24

WYE3 Consultation Café 19/20

neighbourhood plan workshop 3

WYE3 Sounding Board event 1 3

meeting with Wye Business Association 14

meeting with WYE3 tenants 19

Head of Wye Primary School & Wye Juniors 26

meeting with Councillor Steve Wright 27

neighbourhood plan workshop 1

WYE3 development ideas consultation 7/8

What’s next?


A ce s to







The principle of development at WYE3 has been We have named these concepts The Compact illage’

established through its predominantly brownfield status and Clustered Development’.

and its inclusion in the Tenterden and Rural Sites

Development Plan Document. Based on your feedback They both respond directly to your comments but in

and on our observations made at the Neighbourhood different ways. As discussed, these are emerging

Plan workshops, two concepts have begun to emerge concepts our first thoughts and have yet to be tested

that look at how the future of the WE3 sites will fit against viability.

into, and be of benefit to, the village as a whole.

We would like to receive your feedback on these

These concepts look at development on the WYE3 sites, concepts and ideas before progressing any further. We

taking two different approaches to addressing your can then use this feedback to develop these concepts


and present a more refined draft masterplan at our next

consultation event on the 15 th /16 th February 2013.

the potential effect of development on the village’s

compact nature;

the pressures of traffic on the existing infrastructure;

the impact on the surrounding countryside;

how it might meet your aspirations for a sustainable

future for the village.

Concept 1: ‘The

Compact Village’

The compact settlement has

been identified in the emerging

Neighbourhood Plan workshops and

within our consultation feedback. This

theme identifies a walkable settlement

defining the limits of the village at 500m

from Church Street (being the current

distance from the centre of Church Street

to the Station and southern tip of the


This theme therefore means that

the WYE3 sites are reduced in their

development potential (particularly

ADAS and Withersdane). By limiting

development land this means that the

land allowed for growth is more dense,

and similar to the village centre (although

with a better parking strategy). It does

mean that the edges of the village can

be more extensively landscaped with

woodland to provide sufficient visual

buffer to mask this density.

Concept 2: ‘Clustered


The Clustered Development concept is

the opposite to the compact settlement

in that it provides for lower densities

in more land and encourages new

landscapes (woodland) to permeate

between the blocks and thus reducing

any visual or physical impact whilst also

providing a green infrastructure within

which development sits.

The benefits to this approach are to bring

the ecology into the village (as identified

during our consultation) and connect to

existing open spaces such as the Church

Field, Church yard and The Green.

Sco ton Str et

Sco ton Str et

Vi lage.

Sco ton Street

busine s use

Sco ton Str et

Sco ton Str et

think of these.

Sco ton Str et



listed buildings

Dark Lane

This potential development of up to 220 houses is on a sensitive

site adjacent to Grade I and II Listed buildings, in a conservation

area and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Existing

residents have strong feelings about the re-development of the

land owned by a university. Rummey Design’s role has included

extensive consultation, strategic design and preparation for a

Planning Application (Outline and Detail).

strategic design

Olantigh Road

Occupation Road

Scotton Street


WYE3 consultation event 2:


WYE3 consultation event 2:

Your feedback ...

At our first consultation event, the Consultation Caf

held at the Kempe Centre on the 19 th and 20 th October,

we asked you to share your views and ideas, asking

the fo lowing questions:

1. What do you believe are the i sues that

need to be addre sed when considering the

future of WYE3?

2. What are your ideas for WYE3 and what

opportunities might be presented there?


There were 59 responses, as we l as many discu sions

with members of the design team over the course of

the two day event. This feedback was then considered

further during our first sounding board event.

During the course of these events you also suggested

specific land uses for the WE 3 sites. These, along

with the rest of the feedback are i lustrated by the

diagrams below. The larger the circle the more

important or popular the i sue or idea was.

Employment opportunties

Shared use of co lege facilities

Decent IT infrastructure

Arboretum fo recreation

Riverside walk

Increased custom for shops

Gym/sports facilities

Swimming pool


Visual Impact for North Downs

Compact Vi lage


A fordable housing

for young people

Lack o facilities

for young people

Withersdane Gardens

Secondary School Vi lage Ha l

Community meeting rooms

Training space

Automatic ba rier on railway

o benefits for the community

Retai l outlets


Religious retreat

Issues to be addressed

You would welcome local employment opportunities

and the provision of sports facilities. The community

use of the listed buildings is also important.

Ideas for the listed buildings

and Kempe Centre


Listed buildings

Community use

Kempe centre

Community centre/library

existing infrastructure



There is widespread desire for Wye to become a

sustainable vi lage. This means di ferent things

to di ferent people. Particula responses to our

consultation include:

o f grid energy generation;

walkable se tlement;

integrated busine s and housing to reduce vehicle


a mix of housing including a fordable;

decentralised facilities (such as WyeCycle);

local community based food production.

WYE3 consultation event 2:

General issues

The need for Wye to remain a vi lage is the most

important i sue that comes across. Wye i seen as a

local service centre for the Wye with Hinxhi l Parish

and neighbouring Parishes. It is considered to be as

large as desired from the south in particular due to the

historic growth of the se tlement in this direction.

The compactne s of the se tlement is paramount to

retaining this vi lage character. Of importance is also

an understanding of building materials used in Wye

and an appreciation of the character of the historic

core are also important.

The centre of Wye and its conservation area define the

character of the vi lage. The listed co lege buildings

are considered to be an integral part of the vi lage

centre and there is a desire to use these buildings for

the benefit of the community, particularly the grade 1

parts. The a tractive centre was frequently pointed out

and the fact that Wye has a particularly sma l pale te

of materials used that a lows it to sit in the landscape

without being visua ly intrusive and that ties the

di ferent period buildings into a Wye character’.

Listed buildings need to be protected and used

Demolish large

dilapidated buildings

You are most concerned that development on WYE3

wi l have a negative impact on traffic and alter the

compact nature of the village.

WYE3: Ideas and opportunties

Local f od production

Local electricity generation

Encourage people to walk and cycle

Environmental research centre

Community orchard

Land based industry/agri-centre

Sustainable, green development

Gr en Infrastructure

Su port busine ses currently

using Wye college facilities

Self-build plots

3rd east-west road

Improve roads

No o portunities

Good quality housing with a real mix


Light industry


Free school

Busine s park

Hotel/Conference centre

Sma l busine s, consultancies

Warden’s lodge

Offices T hub

Free school

A ce s to the listed co lege buildings for community

uses is most important to you. The Kempe Centre is the

most popular site for busines space (ou responses

also came back with the Kempe Centre being a

prefe red location for the Free School - we have since

understood that this is not the case).

Sustainability is important to you. Equally, the

creation of busine s facilities, land based industries,

and sustainable green housing was identified.

Ideas for ADAS and



Hotel/Conference centre

Care vi lage

Low Density


Sma l businessoffices

Footprint relocated near the vi lage

Nature Reserve

WYE3 consultation event 2:

Emerging concepts...

Transport and Infrastructure

There are two separate issues to be addressed. The

railway crossing and parking/congestion in the vi lage

The rail cro sing is considered by some as beneficial

in keeping the vi lage quiet, also the majority of

respondents believe the crossing represents a restriction

to movement that a fects the ability for Wye to become

the important local’ hub.

The i sue of parking and congestion in the vi lage

seems to stem from peak time movement and parking.

The drop off and waiting at school times causes

particular problems in the vi lage in the morning.

Landscape and Ecology

The landscape su rounding the vi lage is considered to

be integral to the unique identity of Wye and through

the historic research and land based businesses located

here (working agricultural). The landscape is also

considered to be important for visua ly protecting the

vi lage when viewed from the North Downs as well as

defining the edge of the vi lage.

The landscape is also considered to be of importance

for increasing biodiversity and ecology, bringing it into

the vi lage.

Community farm

ADAS was most popularly seen as a site suitable for

low density housing and you thought that Withersdane

should become a care vi lage or hotel/conference

centre. Siting housing on Withersdane was a le s

popular idea.

WYE3 consultation event 2:

WYE3 land use ideas...

Having identified two di ferent As you can see, the ADAS site

concepts for developing WYE3, is returned to nature (po sibly as

what has yet to be established is the a community woodland) when

type, style, location and land use the land use ideas are combined

of this development and the part it with the concept of The Compact

plays in the growth of the vi lage.

Working with your feedback, we

have developed three land use When combined with the Clustered

ideas. These land use ideas build Development’ concept, development

upon our emerging concepts. These i spread over more of the site but

have yet to be viability tested or for at a lower density and integrated

transport impact but are presented with landscape (po sibly new

as ideas for land use locations. woodland to screen it from the

su rounding countryside).

Compact village Clustered development

1. Vi lage Hub

Olantigh Road

Olantigh Road

Olantigh Road

Olantigh Road

agricultural/land-based industry

residential development

community facilities

hotel (or other commercial use)

Olantigh Road

Olantigh Road

A l three land use ideas incorporate

your ideas for uses for specific sites,

and addre s the aspirations and

concerns outlined in your feedback.

We would like to know what you

community use of grade 1 listed

busine s centre at grade 2 listed

small scale agri busine s to south east

of site

residential development on the rest of

the campus north sites

Free Sch ol Option 1

Located in the Edwardian buildings and labs

fronting onto Olantigh Road

WYE3 consultation event 2:


WYE3 and the Free School ...

Wye Free School

agricultural/land-based industry

residential development

busine s use

community facilities

2. New Community

and Business Hub

hotel use for the listed buildings

new community facility at the

Kempe Centre with high tech

commercial hub and agri

business to east

residential to edges of the site

3. Dispersed Facilities

community use for the grade 1

Coldharbour Lane

residential use to the remainder of

the listed buildings and lab site

commercial use to the Kempe

Centre and adjacent lands

residential use to eastern most sites

of campus north

Fr e Sch ol Option 2

Located in Kempe Centre and its car

park and the old hop field

There were a number of ideas for

the redevelopment of Witherdane.

This include:


vi lage

The idea of returning the site to

A popular choice for Withersdane a single house (the Ha l) was

for some residents who consider considered. This would return

the variety of accommodation to be the site to a landscape se ting

important to a low elderly residents and would have li tle impact on

to remain in the vi lage. Others the vi lage or the Sco ton Street

believe there is already enough bottleneck in particular. The

over 50’s housing in the village and brownfield land’ would be added

it should not happen. In this option to the campus north sites for

the gardens would most likely be development.

a ce sible to Wye residents.

Hotel and

conference centre

Another popular use for the site

although it was recognised that

the hotel would need a unique

selling point and brand to be able

to compete with local hotels (such

as Eastwe l Manor and the Ashford

International). The gardens would

not be available for local residents

in this option.

There is a strong community desire to

be a lowed access to the Withersdane

Gardens and the open space in front of

Withersdane Ha l.

The majority of respondents favour

the grade I listed (Edwardian)

college buildings as the prefered

site for the Free School.

The Kempe Centre and adjacent

space was the second location

suggested for the Free School.

The feedback indicates that

although you feel that the Kempe

Centre is a suitable building,

siting the Free School here has the

potential to create traffi congestion

without securing the listed buildings

for the community.

We have ensured that the concepts

and land use ideas for WYE3 can

a commodate the Free School

regardle s of the site fina ly chosen.

Single house

Field research


The Withersdane site could become

an ideal centre of agricultural

or ecological field research. Or

similar facility such as the Centre for

Alternative Technology in Wales.


landscape types


Olantigh R


built form

built form

site blocks and open space


blocks and open


street hierarchy

street hierarchy

design code extract overall

design code









Occupation Road



Cherry Garden Lane density comparison

Stonegate density comparison

outline & hybrid applications | Wye up to 225 units

the landscape structure the spine road the built form enhanced ecology & biodiversity

+ +

landscape character West Sussex vernacular masterplanning design coding

Our project at Billingshurst, West Sussex, was

undertaken for a Consortium (Bellway Homes,

Reside and Devine Homes). Outline Consent has

been received for 475 houses after negotiations

with the Local Authority and preparation for an


Rummey Design received this masterplan, urban

design, environmental and landscape commission

after previous designers had failed to make

headway with the Planning Authority. Reserved

Matters currently being negotiated.

outline & hybrid applications | Billingshurst 475 houses

Key issues on this edge of town settlement related to landscape quality and

distinctiveness. Rummey Design undertook studies of landscape character and

urban settlements in order to produce a clear strategy which was considered to

be winnable at Appeal. In turn, this has allowed the spine road to be properly

integrated, for biodiversity, water and drainage to make valuable contributions

and for a distinctive new settlement to be produced.

Public consultation included exhibitions, members’ briefings, animated

presentations, brochures and talks.

design principles, and

illustrated layouts for

the Design Coding


public consultation

outline & hybrid applications | Billingshurst 475 houses

Settlement distribution, landscape structure, historic development form all

informed the successful Consented scheme ...

Outline Planning Consent for 220 units was gained for Barwood Land

after Robert Rummey gave evidence at Public Inquiry highlighting the

‘distinctiveness’ of the development and disputing its Special Landscape

Area status.

“... the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector that the appeal scheme

would provide a high quality design solution for the site in accordance

with the importance attached to good design as a key aspect of

sustainable design ...


This scheme was ‘landscape-led’ to overcome the SLA objection.

Water, existing trees, steep topography all shaped the scheme, its

densities and its built form.

important views and


important views and


listed building

important views and


alternate frontages

look over Towcester

Road as a new street

‘contained’ site

veteran trees

valley and stream

divide the site


Early 3D model above,

subsequently modified to

220 houses. Urban

structure of the village left,

showing relationship

between new and old.

outline & hybrid applications | Silverstone 220 houses

Langley Garden Suburb

Langley Park Farm village




Langley Garden Suburb 357-404 homes

Langley Park Farm Village 362-433 homes plus possible

extra care home

Langley Orchards 47 homes

outline & hybrid applications | 800 houses at Maidstone




village hamlet

primary school

St Mary’s Church

view from the south of site, on rising ground

detailed applications and build out ...

Recent detailed applications and Consents include a

mixed-use project at Crystal Palace, London,

following extensive negotiations with the Local

Planning Authority; 150 market houses at Ashford,

Kent for a private developer, now under

construction, 28 apartments, a public library and

supermarket at Grove Vale, South London and 2

private houses in Kent.

Wimbledon, London - 12 high

quality villas and new mews


detailed applications and build out | |Wimbledon

Ashford 60-bed care home under construction together

with 150 market houses for a regional developer.

detailed applications and build out | Care home, Ashford

detailed applications and build out | Crystal Palace, London

detailed applications and build out | Crystal Palace, London

Grove Vale, London - planning permission gained for

mixed-use scheme 2014; 28 apartments, supermarket,

public library.

detailed applications and build out | Grove Vale, London

Private residences, Kent; Rummey Design is commissioned

to undertake a number of private houses in conservation

areas and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

General total 7,412.00 79782.027 8 60 1,425.00 15338.558 4,480.00 48222.272 5905 63,560.83 80%

Block B


No. other units No. residential units Typology OTHER THAN RESI RESIDENTIAL


Lower Second Floor 1 leisure 145.00 1,560.77 0.00

1 parking 27 spaces 669.00 7,201.05 0.00

Total 876.00 9,429.18 1 814.00 8,761.81 0.00 0.00 814.00 8,761.81 93%

Lower First Floor

Total 0.00 0.00 0.00 9,181.61 #DIV/0!

Ground Floor 4 2 bedroom flat 320.00 3,444.45

1 1 bedroom flat 35.00 376.74

Total 446.00 4,800.70 5 0.00 0.00 355.00 3,821.18 355.00 3,821.18 80%

First floor 4 2 bedroom flat 320.00 3,444.45

1 1 bedroom flat 35.00 376.74

Total 446.00 4,800.70 5 0.00 0.00 355.00 3,821.18 355.00 3,821.18 80%

Second floor 4 2 bedroom flat 320.00 3,444.45

1 1 bedroom flat 35.00 376.74

Total 446.00 4,800.70 5 0.00 0.00 355.00 3,821.18 355.00 3,821.18 80%

Third floor 4 2 bedroom flat 320.00 3,444.45

1 1 bedroom flat 35.00 376.74

Total 446.00 4,800.70 5 0.00 0.00 355.00 3,821.18 355.00 3,821.18 80%

Fourth floor 4 2 bedroom flat 320.00 3,444.45

1 1 bedroom flat 35.00 376.74

Total 446.00 4,800.70 5 0.00 0.00 355.00 3,821.18 355.00 3,821.18 80%

General total 2,660.00 28631.974 1 25 814.00 8761.8146 1,420.00 15284.738 2,589.00 27,867.74 97%

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