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CEN AUS Q1 2018

Departments AUTUMN

Departments AUTUMN 2018 Regulars 16 Editor‘s letter 19 Contributors 36 CHARTER CHOICE Dream routes for idyllic ocean voyages in the icy Antarctic and sunny Med 50 Blackbook 21 HIGH AND LOW Global hotel happenings and the latest from the world of aviation 28 TRANCOSO TODAY The most beguiling beachfront in Brazil has more to offer than ever 32 REYKJAVIK SEVEN The Icelandic capital’s charms now rival the surrounding scenery 34 HOT PROPERTY Sublime real-estate offerings, plus a top residential opportunity on the high seas 38 GLOBAL GOURMAND Asia‘s hottest dining experiences, a Sydneyside favourite and a quartet of culinary tomes Style & Beauty 43 MADE FOR MADISON Exclusive products add to the appeal of Manhattan‘s storied shopping byway 48 SEARCHING NYC Singular boutiques in the Big Apple that are worth investigating 50 ON THE CUFF Designer bracelets are the latest statement jewellery for men Art & Design 55 GREAT OUTDOORS Alfresco art in bucolic spaces is capturing the imagination 43 36 55 PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: VIEW PICTURES/GETTY IMAGES, © IMPERIAL YACHTS, CROOKES & JACKSON, © JOHN HARDY 14 CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM