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CEN AUS Q1 2018


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Contributors AUTUMN 2018 PAOLA+MURRAY p86 JÖRN KASPUHL p78 V I C T O R I A G I L L p28 ALEC LOBRANO p38 JEFF CHU p58 ILLUSTRATIONS JÖRN KASPUHL PAOLA+MURRAY The Italian-Australian photography duo, who shot New York City’s booming high-end casual dining scene for A Full Plate (p86), have worked together since 2010 and are always looking for faraway places to travel to and photograph. “This story made us feel like we were exploring parts of New York we had never experienced before,” Paola says. “It reminded us why we moved here.” JÖRN KASPUHL “During my studies I spent a lot of time investigating Greek mythology, and that inspired me when I was thinking about the vineyards that have been treasured since the time of Odysseus,” says the illustrator, who works in Berlin and dreamt up the visuals for Fermented by Fire (p78) our feature on volcanic wines. He regularly works for GQ, The New York Times and Die Zeit. VICTORIA GILL “Trancoso feels like a destination on the cusp of change,” says the writer who travelled to the Brazilian hideaway for Tropical Temptation (p28) to discover how it, as she says, “keeps its indelible character while adding the trappings of decadence”. Gill travels regularly from her London home – recent stories have taken her to Miami and private Pacific islands – and writes for a variety of publications. ALEC LOBRANO The Paris-based foodie profiled a number of new eateries around the world for this issue’s Global Gourmand (p38), but Hong Kong holds a special place in his heart: “It’s as much of a street-food lovers’ paradise as it is a worldclass city for Michelinstar dining – this city just has it all!” Lobrano is a regular contributor to Food & Wine, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. JEFF CHU “Perhaps one of the best metaphors for the city is mole poblano itself,” says the American writer on one of The Pleasures of Puebla (p58), the local speciality that he watched being meticulously prepared at the new Rosewood hotel there. “It’s about allowing the city to introduce itself at its own pace,” says Chu, who has written for The New York Times and Fast Company. WRITE TO US The editorial team welcomes questions, comments and letters, which may be edited for purposes of clarity and space. We are also happy to share our own tips, advice and guidance. Contact KEY All prices are in American dollars unless otherwise specified Hotel is a member of FINE HOTELS & RESORTS $ Establishment is either cash only or does not accept American Express cards GET THE LATEST NEWS, ALWAYS ON CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM 19