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CEN HK Q1 2018


PROMOTION HONOR HOTELS & RESORTS • YUN SHU DALI Honor Hotels & Resorts' Yun Shu Dali is a modern golfthemed hotel near Cangshan mountain and the Yin Xian stream. It is adjacent to the ancient imperial Chongsheng Temple, Three Pagodas, Dali Ancient City and other places of interest. It is only 40 minutes' drive from Dali airport. Recognised by Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the design of the hotel aims to become a luxurious golf-themed brand in Dali and Yunnan as well as an extraordinary destination for golf enthusiasts from all over the world. The hotel name “honor" – homonymic from a Chinese word that originates from the Bai language meaning “blue sky, white clouds” – vividly indicates the excellent location and surrounding environment of the hotel. The overall structure of the hotel consists of eight courtyard villas and 23 contemporary guest rooms, all designed around the themes of elegance, tea, joy and hermitage. The rooms offer chic luxury accommodation and are carefully bedecked with thoughtful details to amuse and delight. With our unique living rooms and decked terraces, guests can enjoy natural daylight all year round. The hotel is equipped with all manner of affiliated facilities: an all-day dining restaurant, a deluxe cigar bar, a wine bar, a 10-person meeting room, an indoor golf simulator, a relaxing infinity pool as well as a gym and spa. Honor Hotels & Resorts' Yun Shu Dali is a truly ideal destination for both golf enthusiasts and recreation tourists in the Yunnan province, with timeless hospitality delivered flawlessly. Canghai Golf International Community, Dali Yunnan Province, P.R. China, Tel: +86 872 2421111 CALL YOUR CENTURION TRAVEL SERVICE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Art & Design A CLOSE-UP ON THE ARTISTS, ARTISANS AND ARCHITECTS ENLIVENING OUR WORLD PHOTO GIANFRANCO GORGONI. UGO RONDINONE: SEVEN MAGIC MOUNTAINS, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, 2016. COURTESY OF ART PRODUCTION FUND AND NEVADA MUSEUM OF ART. CULTURAL CACHET Alfresco Appeal The multi-hued stacks of Ugo Rondinone‘s Seven Magic Mountains, near Las Vegas Combining picturesque settings with contemplative works of art, sculpture parks and bucolic galleries are emerging as a new force in the art world. BRIAN NOONE reports O ur cities are brighter than ever thanks to a global influx of sculpture, graffiti and other public art, but increasingly we are choosing to brighten our souls by leaving the urban sprawl behind to blend the restorative powers of art and nature. It’s a combination that has a long history. We have sculpted our gardens to look like paintings for centuries, and we’ve been adding aesthetic delights to our natural surroundings for as long as humans have been human. The growing trend is an accentuation of both these activities – immersive experiences of art beyond the white cube. Perhaps the best example of this art-meets-nature ethos is the everevolving Gibbs Farm ( nz) on New Zealand’s North Island. Owner Alan Gibbs has given an open brief to global artists ranging from Anish Kapoor to Richard Serra to create whatever their vision compels them to make – often on a monumental scale and all financed by Gibbs himself. It is accessible only by appointment and offers a truly singular experience with both art and nature. CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM 51