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CEN IND Q1 2018


BLACKBOOK THE COMEBACK Tropical Temptation The glitterati’s favourite Brazilian getaway is hotting up once again, discovers VICTORIA GILL It never matters very much when the electricity goes down in Trancoso. The forró guitarist continues his rhythmic strumming, and the lithe silhouettes sauntering between tables are, if anything, even sexier in the dim light of the candles and the moon. But that’s because no one comes to this tranquil hideaway, on the eastern coast of Brazil, to plug in. They come here to escape, to indulge, to embrace all that is wild and wonderful. Take, for instance, the golden gleam of the daytime light, whether it’s being showcased by the sumptuous fur of the native capuchin monkeys or the jade-hued shallows of the sea, where gentle whitecaps are surrounded by powder sands. Colours everywhere Clockwise from top left: palm-lined front of Villas de Trancoso VIP accommodation; artisanal ice cream at Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa; looking out from one of the establishment‘s houses PHOTOS MARCO YAMIN (TOP LEFT), © UXUA CASA HOTEL AND SPA (2) 22 CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM CONTACT CENTURION SERVICE FOR BOOKINGS

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