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CEN IND Q1 2018


STYLE & BEAUTY EN VOGUE Statement Pieces Understated and eclectic, the men’s bracelet is bringing new possibilities for masculine style, says AVRIL GROOM Nestling under many a man’s slick shirt cuff is a surprise – a bracelet. It may be plaited leather with a metallic trim, or a plain silver, gold or (for health benefits) copper band; it could easily be a chunky chain, or rich with beads and even stones, especially black diamonds. Gone is the time when a watch was the only feasible jewellery for men. Less formal attitudes to workwear and today’s emphasis on individuality have led to the bracelet becoming the prime men’s accessory on which, except for the very top end, people can afford to ring the changes when it pleases them. “It’s easy, much less in your face than a signet or wedding ring, and more a form of self-expression than a piece of jewellery,” says Zaim Kamal, creative director of Montblanc (, which might seem an unlikely source of men’s jewellery except, as he says, “we want to supply all the essential accessories of a man’s professional life, and the bracelet has become one, even in conservative professions. Men wear them alongside their watches to personalise their timepiece, or put several together, maybe including one made by their kids – the personal significance counts.” Other traditional brands, like Dunhill ( and Tod’s (, are fast following suit, while boutique entities like Paris’s Philippe Audibert (, Bali-founded John Hardy ( Above from left: JOHN HARDY Legends Naga SHAUN LEANE Arc cuff ZADEH The Capri stack BOUCHERON Quatre Classique MESSIKA Move Titanium Black Bangle HANNAH MARTIN Aguila Dorada single shackle bangle PHOTOS COURTESY CXXXXXXXXX OF THE VENDORS 44 CENTURION-MAGAZINE.COM

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