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Women Who Rock with Success- March

Women Who Rock with Success features CEO & Education Instructior Marquita Blades as our cover feature. Women Who Rock with Success is a networking-digital media platform for professional and entrepreneurial women.

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26 Sp ar k l i n g Str aw ber r y L em on ad e I N GRED I EN T S By Womans Day Kitchen - 1 c. sugar - ½ lb. str aw ber r ies - 1½ c. f r esh lem on juice (f r om about 10 lem on s) - 3 c. club soda D I RECT I O N S 1. I n a sm all saucepan , com bin e th e sugar an d 1 cup of water an d br in g to a boil. Reduce h eat an d sim m er (do n ot stir) un til th e sugar dissolves, 3 to 4 m in utes. Rem ove f r om h eat an d let cool com pletely. 2. M eanwhile, in a blen der, pur ée th e str aw ber r ies w ith 1/ 4 cup of th e lem on juice. Str ain in to a pitch er. Add th e sugar sy r up an d r em ain in g lem on juice an d stir to com bin e. Ref r iger ate un til ch illed. 3. Just befor e ser vin g, stir in th e club soda. Ser ve over ice an d gar n ish w ith f r esh str aw ber r ies, if desir ed.

27 SPINACH ARTICHOKE STUFFED PEPPERS By Rian Handler INGREDIENTS - 4 assort ed bell peppers, halved and seeded - Ext ra-virgin olive oil, for drizzling - kosher salt - Freshly ground black pepper - 2 c. shredded rot isserie chicken - 1 (14-oz.) can art ichoke heart s, drained and chopped - 1 (10-oz.) package frozen spinach, t haw ed, w ell-drained, and chopped - 6 oz. cream cheese, soft ened - 1 1/ 2 c. shredded m ozzarella, divided - 1/ 2 c. grat ed Parm esan - 1/ 4 c. sour cream - 1/ 4 c. m ayonnaise - 2 cloves garlic, m inced - Chopped fresh parsley, for garnish DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat oven t o 400°. On a large, rim m ed baking sheet , place bell peppers cut side-up and drizzle w it h olive oil, t hen season w it h salt and pepper. 2. In a large bow l, add chicken, art ichoke heart s, spinach, cream cheese, ½ cup m ozzarella, Parm esan, sour cream , m ayo, and garlic. Season w it h m ore salt and pepper and m ix unt il w ell com bined. 3. Divide chicken m ixt ure bet w een pepper halves, t op w it h rem aining m ozzarella, and bake unt il cheese is m elt y and peppers are t ender, about 25 m inut es. 4. Garnish w it h parsley and serve. 26