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Women Who Rock with Success- Women of Color

Women Who rock with Success features Attorney at Law; Ama Yawson for the month of February. Women Who Rock with Success is a networking-digital media platform for professional and entrepreneurial women.

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"When w e t hink of t he count less cont ribut ions t hat African Am ericans have m ade in t his count ry, Black Hist ory allow s us t o celebrat e t he nat ion?s diverse fabric w hile rem inding us t hat t he bat t le for equalit y cont inues. Just as w e learn about t he effort s of our w hit e count erpart s t hroughout t he year, Black Hist ory should be consist ent ly w oven int o m ainst ream reflect ions on our nat ion?s st ory. Am erica cont inues t o st ruggle w it h addressing it s biggest at rocit y against hum an right s in it s part icipat ion in t he slave t rade. How ever, candid discussions about Black hist orical figures provide a plat form for addressing syst em at ic racism and it s overflow ing ills." Farrah Parker, Branding Consult ant FD Parker & Associat es w w 310.350.1984

A major trend for Spring Summer 2018 is Ruffles. Because they disrupt the line on which they lay, the presence of ruffles on a garment is there purely as adornment. And for that reason, a woman has to be truly confident to wear them. Ruffles stand out to add a dash of drama to any dress and is not for the faint of heart. I used ruffles in my collection to suggest the fluttering of butterfly wings and the unfurling of petals and they bring an unabashed sense of romance Colors are really important for the season. Often, designers are hesitant to delve deep into colors, especially in a city like New York where everyone seems determined to wear black. But I?m thrilled to see a more conspicuous presence of beautiful shades on the runways, including my own ? from sorbet shades to brighter tones of pink and yellow. N ancy N T ran

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