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15_2_E-Catalogue-Asia Seed Co. Ltd(12.4MB) NEW 23.11.15 (1)

15_2_E-Catalogue-Asia Seed Co. Ltd(12.4MB) NEW 23.11.15

CABBAGE ◌ Green Hot Very easy grower with high tolerance to black rot and cold. 75~80 days to harvest after transplanting. Semiglove, deep green heads. 1.9kg to 2.1kg in weight. Very late bursting and holds well in the field. Firm head is excellent for transporting and storage. ◌ Grand Mart New early medium hybrid for spring, summer(in tropical highland) and autumn sowing. Very uniform and easy to grow. Harvested in 70 days after transplanting. Semiglobe deep green heads about 2.0kg in weight. Tolerant to black rot and cabbage yellow. ◌ YR Honam Extremly uniform and resistant to cabbage yellow. Very late bursting. Can be harvested in 75~80 days after transplanting. Medium late variety. 1.8~2.0kg, semi-globe shape head with fresh green color. ◌ Ko Ko Ma Can be harvested four times a year. 0.8~1.0kg, very firm head with compact outer leaves. Harvested in 40~50 days after transplanting. Very uniform and easy grower. Excellent sweet taste for the fresh salad. 1

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