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ERP for Construction Industry

eresource nfra is the best ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure projects.


ERP for Construction Industry Construction Industry have largely realized that without adapting to the world of hi-tech, survival in this field is going to be not just difficult but impossible too. However, there are still some construction companies that are reluctant to commit their little time and a reasonable amount of money to face challenges that are faced in the industry. However, with the introduction of eresource Nfra, one of the most effective ERP solutions developed exclusively for construction industry by eresource, the pioneers of Web-based ERP solution in India, is getting wide acceptance among every types of construction and infrastructure companies in India and around world, especially in the Middle Eastern and recently in the African countries. What makes eresource Nfra the most popular ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure industries? Though there are many reasons that can be pointed out, the important and foremost reason is its reliability and affordability. Keeping apart the fact that eresource Nfra being a Next-Gen ERP solution, companies choose this system because it is economically viable. Today, when there are numerous big and small ERP solutions available in the ERP market, eresource Nfra stands out being a unique one among all of them. Instead of suggesting a common ERP solution, eresource recommend exclusive solution for each every industry. Eresource Nfra has been developed after a comprehensive study and survey in the field of construction activities by our professionals and identified the areas that need special attention. While deliberating the the importance of having a system like resource Nfra, we emphasis the advantages that can be brought by the system to the industry There are many companies, like we have mentioned earlier, who are reluctant to go for ERP system have been agreed to implement eresource Nfra system when understood the importance of having such a system for the growth of company. When we say growth, it is not just referred to the

tangible benefits, but many intangible benefits that the company will be able to achieve in the long run. As the technology is changing on fast space, industries, especially on like Construction and infrastructure cannot remain a mute spectators. Construction ERP Software - Modules 1. Accounts and Finance : This module includes chart of accounts, trial balance report, balance sheet and bank reconciliation. 2. Admin and Master : In this module, you will be creating your company account. 3. Billing and Contract : Here user can generate sales invoice bill and Contract.

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