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10.1 Formal School

10.1 Formal School Uniform BOYS (a) Handsome - grey Stripe shirt with collar. Half Sleeves with two Pockets without flaps. (b) Phinor Royal Prince Special grey shorts 10. THE SCHOOL UNIFORM Full pants for Classes IX and above Boys. (c) Black Leather Shoes with a normal and obtuse forefront. (d) Grey Socks, without any band or stripes 10.2 Games kit (a) White Shirt House Colour T.Shirt White Canvas P.T.Shoes. with lace. White Socks without any band or stripes. 10.3 Extra sets : GIRLS Same as boys Without pockets. Phinor Royal Prince Special grey Pinafore with a pocket on the right side. Pinafore length Classes VI and above must be two inches below the knees Same as Boys Same as Boys Same as Boys Ordinary White Skirt Same as Boys Same as Boys White Coloured ribbon of two inches breadth (a) All Parents must have adequate number of extra sets of School Uniforms and Games kit. (b) When Children are taken out on Educational Tour and other outward bound programmes, they will wear, only Vidyalaya uniform. Hence this essential requirement needs to be taken care of well by Parents. 3. MAJOR STRIVING OF THE VIDYALAYA The Vidyalaya, among other things, strives for : 3.1 Learner - centred approach duly recognising individual differences. 3.2 The application of modern techniques to optimise the learning outcomes. 3.3 Continuous learner evaluation and remediation. 3.4 Creation of a participatory learning environment and treating children, with due regard they deserve as partners engaged in purposeful activities. 3.5 Organisation of joyful co - curricular activities like literary, cultural, art, craft, games, sports, outdoor programmes, camping, trekking etc. 3.6 Instilling social awareness and environmental consciouness. 3.7 Encouraging competition from within through right motivation. 3.8 Appreciation of dignity of labour in the minds of young children. 3.9 Inculcation of the spirit of national integration and an abiding sense of patriotism in children. 3.10 Initiation and promotion of experimentation and innovation in education. 3.11 Excellence in an inclusive and integrated education and to set pace in that direction. 3.12 Imparting specialised, modern, progressive, innovative education, outsourcing wherever needed, agencies of proven national and international tract record. 4. THE ACADEMIC YEAR 4.1 The academic year of the vidyalaya commences from the first week of April / June every year. There are two terms in an academic year. 6 3

5. THE WORK SCHEDULE AND TIMINGS 7. REGISTRATION FOR ADMISSION FORMALITIES 5.1 The Vidyalaya will have formal time table for 5 days in a week. i.e. Monday through Friday. Students will also be called for Co-curricular, Extra Curricular, Special help in academics and other needs by teachers on Saturdays. Attendance for all activities of the Vidyalaya is compulsory. 5.2 The Daily Timings of the Vidyalaya are us Under : Pre-KG and KG 1 Class KG II Class I-IV Classes V upwards : 09.15 am to 12.50 pm : 09.15 am to 03.20 pm : 09.15 am to 03.20 pm : 08.15 am to 04.00 pm 6. ADMISSIONS 6.1 Admissions to Vidyalaya are open to both boys and girls. 6.2 The minimum age requirement for admission into Pre-KG will be 2+ years on the 31st May of the Year of admission. Age requirement for admission to other classes will be regulated progressively thereafter, upwards, adding one more year. 6.3 Admission to class XI will be made after publication of class X Public examination results by State and Central Boards of Examinations. Eligibility norms will be based partly on the marks of the Public examinations and also on other requirements as will be decided by the Vidyalaya. 6.4 Number of seats available in Pre-KG will be 80 for four sections. A few vacancies however, may exist in other classes. 7.1 Prospectus and Registration forms for admission formalities will be available at the Vidyalaya Office on payment of a prescribed amount from the 3rd week of January every year. The Registration form for Admission formalities and other enclosures appended to the Prospectus should duly be completed and submitted in person at the Vidyalaya Office within three days from the date of purchase of Registration forms. Registration form for admission should not be sent by post, Details once entered in the Registration form for admission shall be final. They cannot be altered or changed under any circumstances. Incomplete Registration forms will be rejected and such children will not be called for admission formalities. 7.2 Parents will get to know dates and other details of admission formalities, in person, individually. 8. LIMITED CLASS STRENGTH 8.1 The optimum number of students in a section of a class is planned to 30 students in order to ensure individual attention to every child in the Vidyalaya. 9. THE STAFF MEMBERS 9.1 Every effort is made to draft well qualified and capable teachers for the vidyalaya. They enjoy better compensatory facilities provided by an enlightened management. A dedicated band of Teaching, Administrative and other Supportive Staff add their own lustre to the Vidyalaya. 4 5

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