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OMNI Steel and Aluminium Supply-min

OMNI steel supply is a reliable Source Of Steel supply in Jamaica, NY. We have the wide range of certified materials. Visit our website at

WHY CHOOSE US? We supply

WHY CHOOSE US? We supply custom Fabricated Steel and Metal for all of New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island City. 0 1 Custom Services. Individualized attention. 0 3 Rely on our Industry expertise. 0 2 Unlimited Products. Supreme Quality. 0 4 Convenient locations for pick up +1 (718) 523-5400

ABOUT US We are a steel and aluminum company handling diverse needs of consumers. Our customers are iron workers, construction companies, contractors, property managers, and DIY individuals. We provide guidance and solutions in selecting steel and aluminum needed for any type of project. +1 (718) 523-5400