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Top Spring Flower Trends for 2018

Check out the list of top spring flower trends for 2018 that will be gracing your surrounding this year.

Top Spring Flower Trends for

Top Spring Flower Trends for 2018 The spring has sprung, which means rainy days, warm weather, and of course, fresh flowers. And nothing is more indicative of the spring than flowers. In fact, flowers are considered a fashion that’s so important that new “flower trends” bloom every year. There’s plenty to celebrate in 2018, and there are plenty of flower trends to adorn these celebrations with. Celebrating by decorating with fresh, unique, modern flowers and floral arrangements can make your special day even more special. Below are four 2018 flower trends that can help you achieve this. Keeping it Simple Minimalism is one of the biggest trends of 2018. Simple floral arrangements are all the rage, with many florists pairing a couple of blooms with a bit of green in clear vases. Since clear vases are in, complicated, “busy” floral arrangements are out. No matter what they’re used for, modern arrangements are small and feature as few flowers as possible. However, the minimalist look is most often seen in homes. Traditional Flowers are Trending Traditional flowers are trending for weddings and beyond. More and more people are requesting orchids, white roses, hydrangeas, and dahlias for their weddings and other special occasions. Pairing them with simple greens or creating a cascading bouquet can highlight the beauty and purity of these traditional flowers. However, most people stay “on-trend” by keeping the style and colours of these arrangements as simple as possible. Some of the top colours for flowers in Edmonton and in 2018 are: purple (ultraviolet), pink, white, red, bright orange, and blue. Greek-Inspired Decorations Plants from Greece and Greek-inspired decorations and arrangements are making a splash this year. Greek-style vases are particularly popular. These clay vases are painted in metallic colours and used to displayed bright blooms. Fern leaves are also being used to complement traditional wedding flowers, like roses and orchids. Additionally, colourslike green, brown, tan, and sea blue are highly requested in Greek-themed floral arrangements. Geometric Shapes are Popular Flower lovers are loving geometric shapes, especially circles. Of course, there are many geometrically-shaped flowers, but this trend isn’t about flowers. It’s about decorations and floral arrangements. Flowers arranged in a vine-like shape or actual vines are becoming more and more popular. Circular wreaths made from bright-coloured flowers are being highly featured at

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