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Page 10 9. Dreaming Big Our mind has the potential to achieve any dream and make it into reality. Thus, imagine the ultimate life goal grand. Daily visualize and affirm the goals. That makes sub-conscious to accomplish them. Reasons why dreaming big is vital: • Limiting the thoughts and ideas never benefits in achieving great success. • Dreaming big makes mind focus on it. • We become more involved while achieving it; we never concentrate on negative thoughts. • Dreaming big forces, us to work harder and unleash our full potential. © 2018 GoodVitae. All Rights Reserved

Page 11 10. Persistence A man left his son when he was 18 months old. The kid moved from cities to cities with his drug addicted mother. Dropped out of school for failing ninth grade three times. Was bullied because he was new. Became drug addicted and tried suicide. No one accepted him, but he had passion. His mother and wife filed a lawsuit against him. He never gave up and followed his passion, and now the world knows him as 'Eminem.' We have to go through the failure many times before getting a glimpse of success. So, keeping faith in ourselves and not giving up is the key and when we have thoughts of giving up visualizing our dream and again telling ourselves that achievement of the goal is not complete and must work to make it come true. Here are steps to increase the level of persistence: • The purpose should be clarified and reminding it whenever there are thoughts of giving up. • Identify the possible sources necessary to achieve the goal. Thus, if one strategy is not working, switch to another without wasting time. © 2018 GoodVitae. All Rights Reserved

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