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Tips to bring success in life

Page 2 1. Do What You

Page 2 1. Do What You Love 'Do what you love and love what you do' everyone must abide by this quote to emerge as successful. The secret road to success passes through the tunnel of happiness, to summarize it if you enjoy the processes and do not care about the monetary gains success is bound to come your way. Tony Hawk got his first skateboard at nine. Five years later he turned pro. Many people use to taunt him that what he is doing is a 'waste of time, kids game, your future is bleak.' but he never stopped skateboarding and kept pursuing his passion. Though he went through the down phase, he always had faith in himself. Now at 48, he is the owner of a skateboard company, 'Birdhouse', and an actor. So, it's necessary to have faith and do what you love. © 2018 GoodVitae. All Rights Reserved

Page 3 2. Learning Successful people always strive to learn something new and try to implement in their life. They strive to gain the knowledge instead of money, and this brings them wealth. They seek to learn from as many fields as possible; it helps them to create the number of opportunities. The following points can help in learning new things: • Read articles related to new concepts and subjects which can help in achieving a goal. • Attend seminars on the variety of topics. Sometimes, it is beneficial to hear from an expert. • Step out of comfort zone and learn about new subjects which are not related to your profession. It broadens overall perspective benefitting us in life. A survey at the University of Texas found that discovering new skills keep brain keen. A similar study conducted for three months found that people have improved retention who learn new things than those who do not. © 2018 GoodVitae. All Rights Reserved

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