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Camouflage Car Seat Covers

Camo and camouflage seat covers are custom-fit to your Cars or Trucks seats. Saddleman Camo seat covers are a high quality fabric that will stand the test of time.


WINDSOR VELOUR SEAT COVERS • These foam lined extra plush Windsor Velour seat covers will keep you comfortable all day long, while maintaining their durability. • Crafted from luxuriously soft-knit velour fabric. • This wonderful fabric comes in 4 colors; Blue, Wine, Beige and Grey. WWW.SADDLEMAN.COM

MICROSUEDE SEAT COVERS • Suited for a night on the town or a day out in the field. • This soft, supple and thick knapped material delivers a rich luxurious feel with the extra durability normally associated with the rougher materials. • The Microsuede comes in 3 of the most popular colors; Black, Tan and Grey. WWW.SADDLEMAN.COM

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