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2018 Wedding Flower Trends

Wedding flower trends are constantly evolving. Take a look at this list of top 2018 wedding flower trends set to dominate wedding fashion.

2018 Wedding Flower

2018 Wedding Flower Trends Spring is the season for weddings. This also makes it the season for revealing wedding trends, especially wedding flower trends. Unsurprisingly, these trends can change from year-to-year, and the spring of 2018 has come with its own wedding flowers. The most notable flower trends this year are: Traditional wedding flowers Minimalistic designs Dried and painted flowers Purple flowers These trends are setting the stage for others, such as flower wedding jewelry, one or two-toned floral arrangements, simple, geometric centerpieces, jewel-toned flowers, natural colours, and more. However, the major trends are set to dominate wedding fashion. Traditional Wedding Flowers Roses, orchids, dahlias, and succulentsare traditional flowers for weddings that are so beloved that they’re still trending in 2018. Brides are using these flowers to recreate the garden look and feel. For many brides, this enhances the romantic atmosphere. These flowers are traditional, but they’re being used in a modern, minimalistic ways. Other traditional flowers, such as carnations and baby’s breath are also getting a modern makeover. This year they’re being dried and painted. Minimalistic Designs Minimalism is perhaps the biggest trend of the year. Many wedding florists are advocating simple floral arrangements in one to two tones or with a maximum of two different flower types. These designs include sparse arrangements, unrelated features, graphic elements, and colour repetition. Some simple designs are highlighted with clear, simple vases while others showcase the flowers. For example, it’s popular for designers to create arrangements that are hanging, floating, or arranged in circular wreathsor in clusters. Dried and Painted Flowers In 2018, floral design is being recognized and showcased as an art that people want and love. In a bid to make their weddings as beautiful and romantic as possible, brides are requesting floral art. The biggest trend in floral art is drying and colouring flowers. Flowers are coloured using the colour blocking technique with spray paint or dye. Spray painting them in metallic tones is the most contemporary way to add colour to flowers. And copper is the most popular metallic tone of 2018. It’s style warmth, and romance contributes to its popularity and desirability with brides.

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