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Skills/Strengths Tätaiako Ako Pedagogy Skilled (Effective) Leader Tätaiako At the centre of all we do, our relationships and engagement with Mäori learners and with their whänau and iwi is important. Genuine, productive relationships among teachers and our Mäori students, whänau, iwi and wider communities are the vital foundations for effective teaching and learning. The following year after the Tätaiako document came out in 2011, I was part of a team of teachers who gathered to “unpack” the key elements of the importance of cultural competecies. I have a sound understanding and empathy for the importance of teachers making relevant and meaningful relationships with all the learners and their wahanu. During 2017, I carried out a year long in depth Teacher Inquiry as part of my role at the lead teacher for Cambridge Primary School in Te Puna o Kemuriti Kāhui Ako (Cambridge COL). My focus Inquiry question was ‘If I improve learner agency through (the use of) digital technology, cultural competencies and adaptive expertise, in the context of future focussed learning (using the Key Competencies) will it make a significant difference to the below boy writers in my class?”. That documented journey took me to many places and my learning and the impact on my learners was significant. The best PLD I have had in years! Ako I am an expeienced teacher. I believe I am highly respected in my learning community, not only for my leadership experience but as an educator that has proven significnt learning outcomes for students. I am proud of my achievements and the shifts my students make. I regularly graph, analyse and share learning data with whanau and I receive many emails of praise for the difference I make to students. Here is an example from a parent last year… Dear Carol-Lynn, is difficult to communicate how truely great you have been. A huge loss for CPS but a good win for you, so of course I am very happy for you. Your enthusiasm, spirit and leadership will be missed. Aston has said about 4 times that you are leaving so o b v i o u s l y t h e k i d s a r e processing this fact too. You will be so missed. Tabath Garvin

Pedagogy I am a future-focussed leader and lead by example. I use a wide range of teaching strategies. Due to recent research, I have recently ‘flipped’ my Maths programme and spent hours filming key lessons for my students to “pre-load” prior to lessons. Feedback has been hugely positive and children know their next steps due to a Maths Learning Support Site I have created. My passion for eLearning and using technology to enable my students to access the full curriculum, has led me to fully integrate digital technologies into personalised learning opportunities for my learners. I have knowledge of the new Digital Curriculum and am a Level 1 Google Certified Educator. This week (March 2018), I undertook PLD in implementing the 2018 New Digital Technologies Curriculum and I was selected (at ULearn 2017), to trial a new MOE funded programme to teach the specific skills students need to meet the new Curriculum document. This is an exciting time for education! “Carol-Lynn was an active, and well-respected member of the Leadership KIC (Kaihoe Inquiry Circle) group in the Te Puna o Kemureti Kahui Ako" (2017). Mike Malcolm, Lead Principal for Te Puna o Kemureti Kahui Ako Skilled (Effective) Leader After leading the every Syndicate at Cambridge Primary over 10 years, I am now confident of my abilities to carry the role of the DP at Te Awamutu Primary School. I have carried out numerous Leadership PLD over the years and most recently, the work I have done in the Cambridge CoL Leadership group on Coaching and Building Teacher Capacity has had the most impact on me in my career. I have the skills and empathetic leadership qualities to grow people. I am articulate, well-read and most importantly, a fun person to work alongside. My role over the last few years at CPS, included the many roles of a DP. I undertook appraisals, took the lead in Staff Meetings, PLD, led Teaching as Inquiry, and was able to make and follow through with tough calls. My communicative skills and ability to form positive relationships mean that difficult conversations are carefully and tactfuly completed. I believe I would be an asset to the TAPS Leadership team and have a lot to contribute!

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