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5. Before Use

5. Before Use Preparation Before Starting the Printer Before start using the printer, please check and confirm the below mentioned instructions for effective and efficient utilization of the machine: Check the room temperature and maintain it Check the ink level of each color in the ink tank Check whether the waste ink bottle is full or not Check the water level in the water tank Refresh dirty water in the water tank Switch ON the Printer Follow these steps to Switch ON the printer: Step 1: Turn ON the power switch available on the back side of the printer to start the Conveyor Belt, as shown below: Fig 19: Turning ON the Conveyor Belt TXF Page | 20

The Start Up Screen of HMI appears as shown below: Step 2: Remove the fabric, if any. Fig 20: Displaying the Start Up Screen Step 3: Check whether the belt is in the Centre or not. If not, Centre it by moving the belt in the reverse direction and adjust the shifting control shaft. Step 4: Run wash cycle for 10-15 min with heaters “ON” to clean and dry the Conveyor Belt. Step 5: Make the Conveyor Belt “ONLINE”. Step 6: Load fabric and engage the Press Roller. Step 7: Close the front glass cover of the printer. Step 8: Switch ON the main power of the printer, as shown below: Fig 21: Switching ON the Main Power Step 9: Press the Power ON/OFF button from the Control Panel of the print engine to start it, as shown below: Fig 22: Power ON from Control Panel TXF Page | 21