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Step 4: Wait 5 minutes

Step 4: Wait 5 minutes to dissolve glue. Step 5: Wipe dissolved glue and cleaner by wipe clothes. Step 6: After wiping out the part, turn the belt and repeat wiping until wipe out over all. Step 7: Spray or pour purified water onto the belt. Step 8: Wipe out cleaner on the belt by paper towel. Fig 37: Wiping the Glue Fig 38: Wiping Out Cleaner from the Belt Step 9: After clean up the part, turn belt and repeat cleaning until clean up over all. Remove cover sheet which covers washing unit. Step 10: Finally, remove remained cover sheets, and keep the belt dry one day. Fig 39: Removing the Cover Sheet TXF Page | 30

Fabric Loading Follow these steps to load fabric in the printer: Step 1: Keep the well pressed and pre-treated fabric roll winded into the empty core of diameter 65-70mm. Insert the supply roller into the core of the fabric roll. Attach the core holders on both ends and tighten them. Fig 40: Displaying the Fabric Roll Step 2: Remove the roller stopper pin, and place the supply roller into the rear of the machine. Replace the stopper pin. Fig 41: Removing the Roller Stopper Pin TXF Page | 31