6 months ago

On the Beat - Junior Edition - April 2018


FIRST YEAR SURVIVAL GUIDE PHY 131 Physics will be one of the easier subjects of your three formidable courses (chemistry, physics and bio). Your lecturer will be Dolly Langa – if they haven’t changed the lecturer from our year –try keep on top of everything and physics will be a breeze. FIL 155 Philosophy is a bit like a brain marathon! It’s completely irrelevant and can become very confusing. However, the lectures do help because the lecturer always gives great hints before tests. Tip: When it comes to studying, just memorise as many answers as you can to the test questions. You’ll survive this! MTL 180 It helps you to understand the terms that you will use for medical conditions, treatments, etc. in the future. Tests are all about vocabulary and the meanings of the terms and are very straight forward. Tip: This is a learning subject so study every word and exercise in the textbook and you will do very well. CMY 151 Professor Schoeman teaches this module. His lectures are amazing! Tip: Attend all the lectures if you can. Study for every test and prepare well for your practicals. The exercises in the textbook help a lot. And NB!! The last few themes always come out in the final exam, so don’t skip any of the work! MGW 112 People and their Surrounding Environment is made up of sociology (first quarter) and psychology (second quarter tip: Study from the textbook for psychology because questions come from there. Also take note that questions are all multiple choice for both subjects. AIM 101 This is a compulsory course for all first years during the 1st semester. It’s all about computers (word, ppt, excel, files, etc.). Everybody writes an entrance exam and most fail. That’s just to give you an idea of where you stand so don’t worry at all.

First Year Climb Imagine climbing Table Mountain on a beautiful, clear, sunny day. You look forward to getting to the top and admiring the gorgeous view. As it is a cloudless day, you will see everything, the whole horizon will be yours to admire. You get to the top, and BAM. Clouds. Clouds everywhere. The clouds create a dense mist that you can’t see through. You stub your toe on a rock, yelling out in agony. Determined to see clearer, you move on, hoping you can run to the end of the mist. You fall over a rock, both your knees bleeding and burning. By this time even the path has disappeared under the mist. You sit back and think to yourself: “I was hoping for some clarity, some guidance, but I have no idea what to do.” But you persevere. You push through. After 1 hour of powering through, coming across a fair number of tests along the way, you see the sun. You yelp excitement and start running again, just to realise that the “sun” was another lost first year with a flashlight. So, what I am trying to say is that first year will be a tough one. It is a big leap from high school to university and high school just doesn’t prepare you for it. But it is a good building block and foundation for the rest of your years. All you can do is keep your head up and see the battle scars as learning opportunities. First year has its fair share of challenges, but none were impossible. So, embrace it. Take part in activities and get to know a whole lot of people who will become your family during the next 6 years. When I look back at it now, first year was one big adventure and most probably the best year of my life. -Joané Nell