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On the Beat - Senior Edition - April 2018

Homemade remedies Lemon,

Homemade remedies Lemon, garlic, ginger and honey This is one of the most popular cough mixtures. Boil a litre of water, add a lemon, a piece of sliced ginger and some garlic. Boil the mixture again. Add some honey and allow to cool, drink warm. Aloe Vera The Aloe Vera plant is an excellent addition to a home first aid kit. The gel extracted from the leaves can be applied directly to any burns, grazes or sunburnt areas. Avoid Aloe if you're pregnant, allergic to onions, garlic or tulips. Black tea Known for lowering the risk of type two diabetes, black tea can also help improve those bags underneath your eyes. When cool, place the teabags over your eyes for ten minutes.

Wearing scrubs for the first time Walking into medical campus in your casual clothes and seeing most students in their uniform, scrubs/doctor’s jacket, makes you feel somewhat like an outcast knowing that you don’t even own one of the two. You wait in anticipation to get a pair of your own. (First-year memoirs). First time putting ‘em scrubs on, saying I was happy would be an understatement. The feeling was… indescribable. You know that feeling you get when you put on that Tux/dress for that one night with your date to your first and last matric dance? (Though I haven’t been there myself, mind you I said the feeling was “indescribable” but hey, I’ve heard stories and I figured it’s a great feeling). Well, now that feeling just multiplies because it’s no longer a one night thing but a lifetime thing. Knowing that one day I’ll be the only thing between a patient and the grave and a superhero for saving their life is one of the pleasures that came with putting those scrubs on. I just took a picture and sent it to my mother and told her that, “I know I haven’t made it yet, but just know that your son is surely getting there.” Can’t ignore the fact that with those scrubs, comes hard work and compromises but it was going take hard work to make the dream a reality anyway, right? Jackson Maja “One of our proudest moments! Excitement filled with slight trepidation for the journey ahead. Worth all the hard work and determination.” Chani and friend

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