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On the Beat - Senior Edition - April 2018

Redefining Pulse “In

Redefining Pulse “In the waves of change we find our true direction” The newly elected Pulse committee is devoted to bring about change in the 2018 term. The last two years have presented Pulse with numerous challenges and opportunities for growth, and we as a committee have actively worked to identify where we can make a collective difference in the lives of the students we represent. After a successful planning and strategizing meeting late last year, we are excited to bring you new and exciting developments, which include efforts to make Pulse events more inclusive, improving student support, initiating new culturally diverse events and directly involving the student body in processes preceding our decision making. Each committee member and portfolio is approaching their tasks and events with a transformative mind-set, one which aims to empower all individuals and provide platforms for student involvement and development. We are very eager to involve you as students and would appreciate your input (suggestions, complaints or general comments) regarding current or future events or services provided. We commit ourselves to the student body and will strive to improve the holistic student experience in everything we do. We can’t wait to partner with YOU! Lee-Anne Classen Chairperson: 2017/2018

pulse executive committee 2017/2018 Lee-Anne Classen Chairperson Michelle Cremer Vice-Chairperson Calyn Reddy Secretary Eden van der Westhuizen Culture: Chairperson Juandré van den Berg Culture: Vice-Chairperson Mulisa Nkhumeleni Clothing & Branding Chanelle Holtzhausen Treasurer Rütger van Gruting IT & Communications Chandni Desai Academics Professional Development Appolonia Malapane Publishing & Marketing Yaseera Jagot First Year Guardian: Chairperson Joané Nell Social: Chairperson

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