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S & B Catalogue Spring-Summer 2018 Collection

Conscious Coexistence & Creation – Lifestyle & Fashion for your Soul shamboh & bohonisimo is about Expression & Playfulness through Creation & Cocreation. It is about aligning your lifestyle or, a state of being through fashion, play & awareness. Owning ones own power from a heart based feeling of intuition helps us align to our own inner natural state of peace and happiness. Enjoy the product you purchase and may it remind you in every moment of how important and great you are in life! Just don´t forget to PLAY!! That is what we are here for. To PLAY, with child-like innocence! The S&B Team

124 41M-SBKAF Hera

124 41M-SBKAF Hera Kaftan-1 Cotton 120 Eur 41M-SBKAF Hera Kaftan-1 Cotton 120 Eur

125 42M-SBDRE Idunn Long Classic Cotton Dress-1 Cotton 159,99 Eur

Etherial Collection Spring/Summer 2014-2015
Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogue CANADA