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Trends in Professional Website Design for 2018

Take a look at some notable web design trends coming poised to take over in 2018.

Trends in Professional Website Design for

Trends in Professional Website Design for 2018 The year 2018 is projected to be a big year for web design and development. New, unique technology and practices are changing the way websites are developed and designed. On the other hand, old technologies and web design techniques are being upgraded and used in new and exciting ways. This has led to interesting trends in professional website design. Some of these interesting trends, include: improved security, easier interactions, streamlined layouts, and better animations. Improved Security Today, cybersecurity is a major concern for most organizations. With so many threats to consumer data, companies must take web security seriously. Websites that aren’t secure are vulnerable to hacking, malware and more. These websites are also not trusted by users. So, if your website isn’t secure, you might lose customers. In 2018, some organizations are taking online a security a step further by implementing web programming that can detect potential threats early, alert users immediately and activate a sort of system shutdown. Easier Interactions Obviously, if users are going to visit your website, they’re going to need to interact with it as well. So, web designers seek to improve user-website interactions every year. And 2018 is no different than previous years. In fact, creating more seamless interactions is one of the most anticipated web development improvements of the year. Chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), voice user interface, and machine learning are all enhancing website interactions. When these technologies are combined with micro-interactions, users can interact with a site without waiting for a page reload or filling out a form. Streamlined Layouts Streamlined or clean layouts are one of the biggest trends of the year. Developers are building sites (especially professional ones) that are simple and straightforward. A clean design decreases loading time, improves website performance, and generally offers better user experiences. This can be attributed to the influx of mobile browsing. As users turn to their mobile devices more for shopping and internet browsing, companies are tasked with creating mobile-friendly websites. Clean layouts are the first step in creating these mobile-friendly websites. For professional website design, that’s clean, mobile-friendly and not clunky contact a company like SOS Media Corp. Better Animations Clunky animations are notorious for slowing websites down and interfering with their appearance. Fortunately, today, animations have become subtler, and browsers have become better capable of handling them. Whereas they used to be distracting, they’re now cute purposeful enhancements. If your professional website is developed by a web design company like SOS Media Corp, you can ensure your animations will be tasteful and necessary. For example, a small animation when a user scrolls over your logo or company name. Subtler animation also leaves more room for adventurous typography and content.

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