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ANGELIC AIRPLANES Red Collar Creative Director Denis Lomov offers an insight into a standout feature that says something broader about why the project was successful. “The main thing is an idea. The company has high humanistic goals and an innovative approach to startups searching. The site should clearly reflect the company’s activity and arouse real emotions.” and the frames don’t just follow each other. We used TweenMax to achieve the most realistic effect and to create our own easing, so at the beginning frames nicely speed up to slow down in the end for better vividness. It’s this sense of “THE SERVER AUTOMATICALLY GENERATES, INSTALLS AND RENEWS SSL CERTIFICATES FROM LETSENCRYPT.ORG AND WORKS ON THE HTTP2 PROTOCOL” BELOW: The hands animation is the work of many frames smoothness that we believe delivers a more realistic perception.” As far as the nuts and bolts underneath goes, the important back-end base and backbone of the site is in the platform where it’s located. The server automatically generates, installs and renews SSL certificates from and works on the http2 protocol, ensuring parallel, fast and secure loading of content. This also has implications for the general adaptiveness achieved, something that has already garnered the site SOTD, WOTD and Mobile Site of the Week accolades by Awwwards and indeed Google. PLANE SAILING When it comes down to talking about the site’s launch after just a two-month development time, the team are keen to remember what the project was always about. Gauging any reflective notion of ‘success’ on that basis then comes from how well it communicates the original message at its heart. “First of all this project is a story about inspiration and searching for the right ideas. It’s about people who want to change the life of the whole world for the better, and that’s what both investors and startups want. The client promotes the most humanistic ideas and doesn’t care about gender, skin colour or confession of a person, but only about the quality of their idea.” A great and admirable philosophy always, so what about the idea at the site’s heart? How effective do the people behind it think that has proved to be now it’s out there live? 30 _________________________________________design diary

ANGELIC AIRPLANES “Well the site appears to be a communicator, a place where people with valuable ideas find their Angel investor. The unusual concept of the site, the launching of a paper plane by a visitor, seems to reflect the spirit of the company and the principles of kickstarting a startup. It offers visitors to record a soundless video where they would get out a message visually. If it is clear and impressive, Inculerate reaches out and the cooperation starts. Similarly, all the components across the full interactivity of the site, sounds and colour create an encouraging picture. You want to share the site with friends and never leave it. The project already has more than 20k page views in the first week, so it’s safe to say we are proud of the reception.” Thankfully the client echoes this understandable pride, after showing the kind of faith in Red Collar it shows it typically reserves for its investments. “We think that such a successful result is another confirmation of the importance of trust,” concludes CEO of Inculerate Inc, Umit Khairollayev. “When you go to real professionals you should remember that they know what they’re doing and there’s no need to doubt. Only then you will have a really cool project.” PAPER TRAILS As we all know, the period after a site’s launch rarely puts afull stop on the project’s story. Usually somebody, whether it’s up to the client orthe creator to undertake, willbe concerned with marketing the final result and getting it out there to be admired. In this instance, Red Collar did some of that legwork themselves by submitting the URL to leading online awards programmes touseful effect. “In two days after the site was launched, as soon as we applied for awards, the client got a partnership request,” enthuses Creative Director Denis Lomov. “A coolBrooklyn-based Art Director fell inlove with the site after seeing it at Awwwards, and decided to collaborate. That’s what the site is, acatchy idea and a quality implementation multiplied bythe recognition of one of the web’s best award platforms.” So what about any further work, given the resulting recognition and success, is any kind ofsubsequent aftercare on the cards? “TheInculerate website is self-sufficient, so it doesn’t have personal accounts and things of that sort. It is a promotional presence that doesn’t really require any on-going support. In fact, we always think about site’s sustainability, the relevance of design and technological solutions, and that’s why the project’s going to be relevant and trending for years. But we continue to work with the client –infact we are already creating something innovative so rest assured thata new digital bomb is coming!” ABOVE: Users drag one point to the other point to bring the animation to life design diary __________________________________________31