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22 The Military battle field is constantly different. It differs from combat conducted in urban areas such as towns and cities to mountainous areas or in a maritime environment. TAGS ® Academy Military training programs are aimed to establish and improve the capabilities of Military personnel in their respective roles, from recruitment and basic training to specific Military roles and operational environment. TAGS ® Academy is comprised of members who are recruited from all levels the Military communities. Our training staff are current and former members of elite Military special operations units and special response teams. TRAINING DeSCRIPTION DURATION ESCAPE & EVASION MOUNTAIN WARFARE URBAN WARFARE SPECIAL FORCES OPERATOR Skills and ability to evade through enemy controlled territory Basic skills and tactical procedures in a mountainous environment Knowledge and skills to operate in an urban environment Advanced military knowledge, skills and mindset to operate in an SF team 4 WEEKS 5 weeks 4 weeks 14 weeks * Guideline only. Actual duration will be tailored to background, prior experience, * knowledge and skill level and to the required competence level.