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24 The safety of a country is strongly depending on the safety in the entire world. Besides threats from states, countries have to deal with other immense threats; terrorism and the availability to heavy weapons to anti democratic groups, increase in the use of violence by criminals and the violent actions in the name of religions. All threats to a nation and his allies. TAGS ® Academy offers a wide range of tactical training and a highly dedicated and professional training staff to assist governments to react on and prepare local forces for realistic threats. TRAINING DeSCRIPTION DURATION COUNTER TERROR OPERATOR TUBULAR ASSAULT MARITIME COUNTER TERROR Basic Counter Terror Training Prepare CT teams to operate in the mobile environment CT ops in a maritime environment, such as vessels and production platforms 4 WEEKS 5 weeks 10 weeks * Guideline only. Actual duration will be tailored to background, prior experience, * knowledge and skill level and to the required competence level.