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26 Specialists are highly trained employees, mostly hand-picked for the chosen field due to excellent performance, who have to perform in specific duties which are often high-risk assignments. TAGS ® Academy aim is to select the best trainable students and provide them with the advanced knowledge, skills processes and mindset to create an effective team member, who can operate in a team or individual under extreme conditions. TRAINING DeSCRIPTION DURATION SF MEDIC HIGH ROPE SUSPENSION SNIPER METHOD OF ENTRY SPECIALIST TACTICAL BOAT DRIVER SELF DEFENSE LARGE SCALE OPERATIONS COMMANDER COURSE TEAM LEADER COURSE CROWD MANAGEMENT METHOD OF INSTRUCTION URBAN CLIMBING BOARDING OPERATIONS COMBAT DIVER Procedures & skills needed for sustainment of life under fire Rappel, fast rope, Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction techniques Advanced knowledge and skills to work effectively as a sharp shooter/sniper Mechanical, ballistic, explosive breaching, lock picking an entry techniques Skills & practical expertise to conduct tactical boat handling Self defence techniques with operational tactics and live shooting drills Strategic commanding officers training for LSO Crisis management in high-risk environments for Senior officers Leadership & tactical decision making process for future team leaders Tools & knowledge related to crowd management To develop efficient teaching skills To gain access on infrastructure from top down, with the use of specialist equipment from bottom up Ships seizure & searching techniques in compliant and non compliant situations Training in waterborne operations surface and subsurface with open and closed circuit. Guideline only. Actual duration will be tailored to background, prior experience, * knowledge and skill level and to the required competence level. 4 WEEKS 3 weeks 6 WEEKS 8 weeks 4 weeks 3 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 4 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 3 WEEKS 4 WEEKS *