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34 Lessons learned on recent battlefields have proven to be very successful in other high-risk areas. One of the clearest examples is modern tactical medicine. When providing first aid in remote areas or hostile environments (AMOK situations, terrorist attacks, shootings) the same principles can be applied in order to facilitate better care for the patient; resulting in better chance of survival and less residual damage. Course levels vary from short and practical first aid courses for industry, aid workers, expats, outdoor enthousiasts and expedition members to comprehensive Combat Trauma Casualty Care (TCCC) for Military, Law Enforcement and medical personnel. Our courses are practical, provide lots of hand on practice and focus on modern insights and the use of modern equipment that are proven in battle and terrorist attacks around the world. TRAINING DeSCRIPTION DURATION TCCC / ETC-Tactical K9 TCCC BTC-Tactical BTC-Rescue FIRST AID - UNDER THREAT BASIC LIFE SUPPORT - REMOTE BASIC LIFE SUPPORT/AED Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Enhanced Trauma Course Canine (K9) Trauma Care in tactical environment Basic Trauma Course (tactical environment) Basic Trauma Course (rescue remote area’s) Providing first aid under dangerous circumstances Basic Life Support in remote area’s Basic Life Support with AED 4 WEEKS 4 weeks 1 WEEK 1 week 2 DAYS 2 DAYS 2 DAYS * Guideline only. Actual duration will be tailored to background, prior experience, * knowledge and skill level and to the required competence level.