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36 Kidnappings. Bombings. Violent crime. Terrorist attacks, not only on the front line but this can occur at any moment, in any location. TAGS ® Academy offers tailor made training packages to aid workers, media groups and personnel of private sector companies that might face many types of danger abroad or in their home country. The training is aimed to increase the situational awareness, protect themselves and the people they serve and it will help to navigate through difficult circumstances. TRAINING DeSCRIPTION DURATION HEAT: HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS TRAINING IED RESPONDER Increase security awareness in high risk area´s to prevent life endanger situations. Increase awareness and understand the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) 1 WEEK 2 weeks * Guideline only. Actual duration will be tailored to background, prior experience, * knowledge and skill level and to the required competence level.