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AYIERA INITIATIVE SLUM CHANGERS! The kids are alright. Even without boots they fight for a brighter future in Korogocho. i

HOW IT STARTED Self-help instead of begging TimeLine so far 1. Before the World Cup in South Africa started FIFA had organised a homeless football tournament 2. One of the few participants from Kenya was Hamilton Ayiera Nyanga 3. He came back home to the slum with 700 Euros in his pocket 4. With this little money he startet his initiative 5. Since 2006 he is supporting children and young people in his village Ngomongo 6. He received support from CARE Deutschland, the German devlopment ministery, the foundation „Hope 1-plus - CARE for children in destitute“and the German Doctors 7. Thousands benefited from his initative he initially started without any outside help Where the streets have no name One of the countless young people living in Korogocho! ! ! ! ! ! © Tom Rübenach ! When Hamilton Ayiera Nyango came home from the homeless fottobal cup he did not beg for any help. He just invested the money he had got into the future of his village, Ngomongo. It is located in the third biggest slum in Nairobi and , besides that, alongside the huge Dandora dumpong site. ! The AYiERA iNiTiATiVE Centre which was built back in 2014 appears to have become a beacon of hope for hundreds of kids every day. Teachers giving drama classes or creative painting or graphic design. They teach young people how to compile an Excel graph. They even teach youngsters how to cope with sexual harasment. 2

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