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Going to school in

Going to school in Korogocho SchoolFacts 1. Korogocho is the third biggest slum in Nairobi 2. More than 200,000 people are living there 3. There are only two Secondary schools for all the girls and boys 4. Even for Secondary school support is needed 5. Many parents cannot afford the school fees from their own pockets 6. College and university education is still a dream for many 7. Scholarships are the key for better education The more they can learn the better their future, especially outside of the slum © Tom Rübenach Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer id dui sed odio imperdiet feugiat et nec ipsum. Ut rutrum massa non ligula facilisis in ulla mcorper purus dapibus. Quisque nec leo enim. Morbi in nunc nec purus ulla mcorper lacinia. Morbi tincidunt odio sit amet dolor pharetra dignissim. Nullam volutpat, ante a frin gilla imp erdiet, dui neque laoreet metus, eu adipiscing erat arcu sit amet metus. Maecenas eu lorem nisi, id luctus nunc. Nam id risus velit. Sed faucibus, sem vel male suada blandit, quam tortor convallis odio, quis bibendum lorem felis quis mauris. Quis que euismod bibendum sag ittis. Suspe ndisse pell entesque libero et urna. 7

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