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We supply contemporary,

We supply contemporary, painted and traditional high quality kitchens in a variety of styles, colours and finishes to all the surrounding areas. Our ranges are complimented with a broad selection of work surfaces and innovative storage solutions alongside appliances, sinks and taps from all the leading brands. Phone / Fax: 01494 814629 Mobile: 07989 422726 Email: 128x88 Autumn Wood Leaflet_March 2015.indd 1 02/04/2015 12:33 12

Village Voice April/May 2018 CHURCH NEWS Holy Trinity & St Margaret's Things do not change! There is a lovely passage in the Bible about how hard it is to tame the tongue (James 3). It is likened to a ship that is steered by such a small rudder or a spark that can start a huge fire in a forest. Although Easter and Lent are past it does not mean that we can let go of those good habits that we had been working on. They make us easier to live with! Whenever we have a school class visit Holy Trinity I always stop them in the churchyard and ask if they can see anything unusual about the clock on the tower. It is surprisingly hard to spot that it only has one hand (until it is pointed out of course). I tell the children that it harks back to a slightly less busy and pressurised age. However, over the winter, they would have seen that the clock face and hand were missing. The old wooden face had rotted and needed to be replaced. We are grateful for the good work of Edward Stuart of Curbridge and the support of the Penn Trust. If you are passing Holy Trinity in the near future, do stop and admire the new clock face on the tower. Something I learned through this was that the letters and hand have to be gold leaf. Anything else will tarnish over time. The clock face itself, of necessity, has to be painted, although it is special paint that should last. I had the scary privilege of a trip in the ‘cherry picker’ for a closer look. I see from the diary that April and May are quiet months in the church calendar. Pentecost is Sunday 20th May where we remember the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the believers huddled in the Upper Room after the crucifixion and resurrection. It signifies the birthday of the church and last year I made cakes in the shape 13

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