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Village Voice April/May 2018 P&TG FOOTBALL CLUB Dear VV Readers, In the last edition of VV, a letter was printed about the Football Club from “name and address” supplied. That letter, we believe, contained false information, mischevious misleading comments and omitted relevant information. This has caused major upset to our membership and the wider village community, and we would like to respond as follows: 'The P&TG Football club has a proud tradition of serving the village and its surrounding areas, and has done so for the last 112 years. Sadly, in recent years, a minority in the village, have gone out of their way to try and dismantle those 112 years of service to the community by representing what we see are outdated, sometimes insular views and seem to default by objecting to everything we try to do as a club for the community we serve. In making our planning application, we did not set out to indulge our senior teams but to maintain the status at the top of the football pyramid which is realistic and achievable for this club, so that junior players can progress through the club in a friendly, safe environment. Our players are coached by unpaid volunteers who are qualified coaches. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for players to progress through the junior ranks, play for our senior teams and thus remain as part of this community. The First Team of P&TGFC have won their league for the last two years and the Reserves have won the County Cup twice three and four years ago (not to mention the titles won by various of our junior sections, boys and girls) If our senior team is relegated because we do not have floodlights, then the club’s status within the pyramid becomes less attractive to players looking to stay and play football at this club. In the football world our name is one treated with respect and, in some quarters, envy. Our facilities are complimented by all who visit. We are humbly proud of these achievements. We plan to appeal the decision to turn down our application, the result which was achieved by the Planning Committee Chairman’s casting vote - so not unanimously rejected. Here, we would like to set out to the readers of VV exactly what we are trying to achieve, and what measures we have put in place to minimise the impact of floodlights - respecting the environment we live in, whilst achieving the requirements that the FA rules require. I hope I have managed to convince those who have been in opposition to our plans, to reconsider their views, as a result of better The Facts: • The new FC lights would be much lower than the existing training floodlights already in place • The FC themselves advocated a restricted usage condition of 9 hours per week • The lights would be used approx. 5% potential usage of total hours per week • Some weeks there would be no floodlight games at all, so zero usage • In the summer months from mid-May to the end of August, zero usage as well • The Tennis Club flood lights are potentially in use 6 nights a week - the FC lights would be less • There will be no change to the club’s facilities, or increased usage • The new floodlights would not be used for mid-week training • The floodlight specifications are for the most neighbour friendly retractable floodlights - and in consequence - the most expensive • It is FA rules driving this application, otherwise we would not be instigating such a financial burden on the club. We have argued our case at FA meetings without success over the years • The floodlights we want to install are “AONB and neighbour friendly” lights • The lights will NOT spill out light all over the sky: this has been evaluated by the extensive light spillage surveys we commissioned. The spillage will be “1 LUX” or the equivalent of a candle 22

understanding our situation and proposals, and those who did not feel in full possession of the facts, you now feel better informed. We are fortunate to live in P&TG, the village has a wide range of village clubs, societies and events, and something for everyone. We believe the FC has delivered a great deal of value to our community, and plans to continue to do so, with the support of the village residents. Please feel free to contact me or any club member if you have any residual concerns or questions.' Tony Hurst. Chairman PTGFC, ptgfctony@, 07469718519, 815839 Planning Application All at the Penn & Tylers Green FC, many village residents, and the wider community were left deflated and dejected on 22nd February when Chiltern DC’s planning committee rejected their floodlights application The application was turned down because of the perceived damage the floodlights would do to a few historical cottages along Elm Road which back onto the football ground. The committee did not take any notice of the restrictions proposed by the FC to limit usage to 5% (nine hours) of total hours in any given week. Chairman Tony Hurst commented: “This is the first such meeting I have been to and my first impression is one of a perceived pre-determined decision made by certain councillors before the meeting commenced. An example of this was one councillor, who represents Holmer Green Ward , who lives three doors down from the football club and is vice chairman of the committee, declared an interest before the meeting, then actually voted against the application. Legally, he is entitled to do that. However, we believe the moral, just and proper decision of this councillor should have been to abstain from the vote. He chose to vote and in effect his vote won the day as the vote was all even at three all, so the chairman used his casting vote to dismiss our application. He could not have been quicker to “slam down the hammer” to reject our application” Village Voice April/May 2018 We would like to publicly thank the three councillors who rallied to our cause but have no regard for the utterly biased and insulting input from our two CDC councillors, who incidentally, live in Coleshill and Chesham respectively, so for the P&TGRS to mention post codes attributable to our supporters as “a negative” is rather hypocritical and ironic. We were very disappointed with the statement read out at the meeting by the Chairman of the P&TGRS which we consider to be inaccurate and totally misleading (for example he said: “with 28 teams playing on most days of the week”) which we consider to be a blatantly false and misleading statement. There were many more included in the statement.which can be found on the P&TGRS website. We were equally disappointed with the statement read out by the Parish Council which varied in contents from the conclusion of an earlier public Parish Council planning meeting which the FC representatives attended. We were told by a reliable source a few days before the meeting that this could not happen, so we are perplexed at this development on the night. We have been overwhelmed by the level of support we have received from many Penn residents, local papers, local radio, BBC Radio and the footballing community as a whole. I would like to personally and humbly thank those who have sent messages already as they have been a source of immense reassurance for us and I thank you all in advance for any further support forthcoming. Please, please keep it coming. Tony Hurst, Chairman Penn & Tylers Green FC Footnote: To the author of the name and address supplied' in the last edition of VV, I was dissappointed in the inaccuracies contained in your letter, and invite you to make yourself known to me, and agree to meet, over a beer so I can understand and address your concerns, as well as correct some of the incorrect deductions made in your letter. I would extend that offer to anyone else who maintains concerns, now that I have set out the FC's position. (My contact details are above) 23

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