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page of the website are

page of the website are also an easy way to access information on these village activities. Please visit & P&TGRS Communications Report Throughout 2017/2018, P&TGRS has endeavoured to regularly inform residents on key issues in the Village. We continue to work with our MPs, Parish and District Councillors, and BCC. We have provided detailed reports on the consultation about WDC's Local Plan and the Ashwells planning application, posting papers with our views on the planning website. A Christmas Social was held last December, a successful event to thank all the volunteers who give their time to help the Village. We are planning another event in December 2018. We live in an area where much of the landscape is designated Green Belt and is also part of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We have a Conservation Area at the heart of the villages with many listed buildings. This of course does not mean that in planning terms life is made any easier because, to preserve and protect these designations, difficult choices often have to be made. We only comment on significant local planning applications which could affect the wider community and strive to maintain a balance between progress and conservation. The designations referred to carry considerable weight in determining our approach, in which we endeavour to remain consistent. We cannot “cherry pick”. Examples of planning applications on which we have commented in the past year where location in GB and AONB is the primary concern are those at Fieldgrove Nursery and Pennoak Farm in Hammersley Lane and the site of the Football Club grounds in Elm Road. We continue to monitor the position with Penn School. Pressure to develop more housing is considerable and much effort has been made in reviewing Local Plans and commenting on Green Belt development options put forward by both WDC and CDC. At this stage we are pleased there is a clear reluctance by both councils to see the ‘horse fields’ in Penn and Hazlemere Road succumb to major development on this Green Belt and AONB site adjacent to Common Wood. The final outcome remains subject to approval of the New Local Plans for WDC and CDC by the Planning Inspectorate. In February, 2017 the Government published its White Paper ‘Fixing Our Broken Housing Market’ heralding a new method for calculating housing need which will likely put more pressure on Local Authorities to deliver more housing. Changes to the NPPF are imminent reflecting this. New Local Plans have yet to be agreed 4 years after the process started. The RS continues to engage at a senior level with both District Councils on significant planning and highway issues with the support of members of our Parish Councils, local residents and our District and County Councillors. Ashwells/Gomm Valley Our Ashwells Forum brings together all those with a particular interest in the development of Ashwells and Gomm Valley. We have been actively involved throughout the year commenting on the Development Brief for Ashwells, WDC's Local Plan, and very recently, the outline application for Ashwells. This has involved frequent communication and several meetings with WDC's senior planning team, the County Highway Authority, and the WDC Property Manager who is supervising the development plans being drawn up by Savills. We also invited the WDC Head of Sustainability

and Planning to address our AGM last year. Our principal concern is that a widened Cock lane connected directly to the London Road, would bring a very considerable increase in traffic through the village. Regular updates have been provided throughout the year in VV. P&TGRS Finance Report 2017 saw the RS back to generating a surplus, with Unrestricted Funds growing by over £13,000 to £66,500, due primarily to low levels of donations made in the year while Village Voice generated a surplus of around £16,000. The woodlands made nearly £4,000 surplus thanks to income from sale of timber, a grant from the Forestry Commission and an increased contribution from PABA for horse riding permits. The Village Preschool had a more difficult year with a large transfer of children to school resulting in a reduction of fee income of some £10,000, and a consequent deficit of just over £4,000. However, the numbers have already been made up and the current year is looking good. Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) In 2017/2018, the priorities chosed by the NAG where chosen to reflect the concerns of the community. These included: • Speeding/Road Safety: The NAG was instrumental in obtaining MVAS (Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs) within the CWPC area. Considerable work has been put in by members of NAG and local volunteers into collecting data from these and producing spreadsheets and plotting trends. This and other statistical data has been sent regularly to the police in order to inform where to optimally place laser speed guns and mobile camera vans. • Antisocial Behaviour/Criminal Damage: The figures on crime over the last year have been varied. Theft of motor vehicles and burglary from dwellings was up, whilst theft from motor vehicles and non-dwelling burglary reduced. The importance of crime reporting at the NAG meetings was stressed by the police because it has enabled them to deal with problems early or in prevention. • Parking: It has been noted that inconsiderate parking such as on pavements has become an increasing problem. The NAG has been looking at this escalating issue and plan to create an Action Plan in association with the police. • “Legal Highs”: The law has recently changed with the result of making these psychoactive substances illegal. The NAG have had concerns because of the reported increase in use and the lack of information available to both teenagers and adults. It formed a small working party including the police, Addaction (a large charity involved with drug and alcohol abuse), and a NAG member, to try and address this problem. As a result, an information bus, set up by Addaction has visited a number of sites including a presence at the Hazlemere Fair. The latter was a particularly successful event. There was a high footfall with very positive feedback. We were visited by the Boys Brigade and ATC who have asked for sessions to be delivered to staff and young people. At the moment this initiative is on hold because of re-organisation and management issues with Addaction. These have now however been addressed and hopefully further visits will be arranged in the near future. • Cyber Crime/Fraud: NAG have been concerned because of the increasing numbers of reports especially from elderly residents. With the help of the police, simple steps to stay safe online have been issued. Membership - The P&TGRS is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Its members are held to be all the residents of the “Tylers Green Ward” of Chepping Wycombe Parish Council and of “Ward UA“ of Penn Parish Council (unless they notify the Secretary that they do not wish to be). Members are entitled to attend or to have their views represented at meetings of the Board of Trustees, the AGM and any Special General meeting; they are also encouraged to express their views on the P&TGRS website: www. and “Village Voice”, the community magazine published by P&TGRS and distributed free of charge to every house in Penn& Tylers Green.

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