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Village Voice April/May 2018 ASHWELLS OUTLINE PLANNING APPLICATION The Ashwells Forum held a useful meeting on 13 February with the applicants represented by the head of WDC's Major Projects and Estates Executive and by Savills who had prepared and submitted the outline application. We discussed numerous detailed concerns, particularly our insistence that Cock Lane should only be widened as far down as the new lower access, and that access for construction traffic through the existing Ashwells should be avoided or at least restricted to the very minimum. There was also considerable discussion about the feasibility of achieving lower cost /shared equity housing specifically for locals. We pointed out that much work was needed on footpaths around the site and leading to the village (Bucks County Council has since spelled out in some detail the requirements for these improvements), called for adequate car parking on site and discussed their proposals for Middle School parking and traffic calming for New Road. Following the meeting, the Forum met again to agree our comments. They were divided into two parts - Part 1 covered the wider points such as those mentioned above, and Part 2 covered roads and traffic, with a strong focus on preventing the widening of Cock Lane. The records of the two Forum meetings can be found on the P&TGRS website. I was given the following information by Robert Harrison, the Principal Development Management Officer for the scheme: 'In theory, the target date for a recommendation by Planning Officers to Council, probably via the Planning Committee, is 6 April, but critically, we are still waiting for the County Highway Authority consultation response. Work has begun on the review of the site and its conformity with the Development Plan having regard to consultee responses. This work cannot be completed until the County Highway Authority has formally responded. Initial evidence suggests that amendments will be required to the application. This is not unusual for larger schemes. Therefore, we are unlikely to proceed directly to determination of the application. As is normal practice at Wycombe we will begin a dialogue with the land owner (via Savills) to address any issues between us. Depending on the nature of any changes, further consultation with local residents may be undertaken, but this cannot be guaranteed at this time.' The timetable for determining the Ashwells application is also linked to the three other applications, to which it now been joined as a consequence of its affordable housing strategy (i.e. the residential scheme at Bellfield Road, the business scheme at Bellfield Road and the residential scheme at Desborough Road). Once the outline application is agreed, work starts on a section 106 agreement covering financial contribution on roads, FPs, affordable homes, various conditions etc. A reserve matters application covering the detail of design and development of each plot is likely to be submitted in about a year from now. Miles Green

Photographs: Eddie Morton THE COTTAGE BOOKSHOP 1950-2018 The closure of the Cottage Bookshop has been an agonising decision which occupied my thoughts for many months and made very reluctantly, but the recent figures made the outcome inevitable. I have read all the comments on Facebook and realise it is a shock to all my customers who I would like to thank for their support over the years. The shop has managed to kept open as long as it has due to the superb assistance and help from all my staff and I want to wholeheartedly take this opportunity to thank them. The shop has been open for 68 years, playing an important part in the life of the village and serving the community throughout this time. Fred Baddeley, my late stepfather, arranged to display two dozen of his grandfather’s books on the staircase of the shop where Fred Baker, the cobbler, traded from and lived in the cottage. On the first day 12 books were sold at 1/- each. A year later the cottage was offered for sale and Mr. Baddeley purchased Village Voice April/May 2018 the property, gave up his job at local building society and opened the premise as The Cottage Bookshop. The original part of the cottage dates back to the 18th Century with extensions being added over the years, doubling the size of the shop. Nowadays it has a stock of approximately 70,000 books and customers find themselves in a maze with floor to ceiling bookshelves containing books on every conceivable subject. Our customers come not only from all parts of the UK but from many parts of the world, spending an hour or maybe a whole day as they look for that special book of memories or a particular one to add to their collection. Fred passed away in 1993 and Wendy, his daughter, inherited the business continuing to trade very much in the way her father had done until she passed away in 2003. I kept the shop open, supported by five members of Staff who covered the weekdays between them. Over the years the shop has hosted two episodes of Midsomer Murders, namely ‘A Tale of Two Hamlets’ and ‘A Rare Bird.’ Blue Peter made two programmes at the shop. The first one involved Terry Pratchett who, as a boy, had visited the shop. The occasion was the launch of his latest children’s book at that time, namely ‘Johnny and the Bomb.’ Some years later Gillian Baverstock, the older of Enid Blyton’s two daughters, took part in a programme commemorating the 100th anniversary of her mother’s birth. The children’s entertainers, The Chuckle Brothers, recorded an episode at the shop and invited us to join them for the second day of filming to be held at the Tylers Green Village Hall. As pyrotechnics were to be involved, it seemed wise to not use the Cottage Bookshop! The village hall suited the purpose and a set was created which mirrored the bookshop with great accuracy. The shop with its rich history will be very much missed. Allan Campbell 31

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