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Village Voice April/May 2018 11 May, when you can meet the other Board members, and learn a little more about our work? Please feel free to call me for an informal discussion. I look forward to hearing from you. Miles Green, P&TGRS Chair, 815589 Chepping Wycombe Parish Council As Chairman of CWPC, I am writing to VV readers on the recent developments in respect of the Government thinking on creating a unitary Council to cover all of Buckinghamshire On Monday 12th March the Secretary of State, Sajid Javid, announced in parliament that he is “minded to” implement Bucks County Council’s proposal to replace the existing five councils in Bucks with one single council which would cover all of Buckinghamshire. This would be a massive change in the way local services are delivered to local people. But is it the best way forward for Bucks residents? Along with all the other district councils in Bucks and a large number of the Parishes, CWPC does not believe that this decision is in the best interest of our local residents, and knowing that WDC have discussed this extensively with local businesses, community groups, parish councils and other stakeholders we don’t believe local people do either. The Bucks Free Press conducted a poll, and from the comments left on the BFP website, residents don’t seem to support this option either. The ‘minded to’ decision announced this week is not set in stone and the process allows the District Councils will make the strongest possible representations to the Secretary of State that this is not the right decision. CWPC believe that a single unitary is not the best solution for Bucks. It fails to recognise the fundamental economic and demographic differences between the communities in the north and south of the county. We think that a ‘one size fits all’ approach in Bucks will mean lost opportunities, less effective services and significantly less local decision making by and for local people. We also have serious doubts about the savings the single unitary model claims it could deliver and worry that County services will be forced on Parish Councils to deliver with no extra funding which will inevitably mean your Parish precept will have to rise exorbitantly to cover these extra costs. The decision isn’t a done deal. Until 25 May 2018 local people can make further representations to the Secretary of State: email Please copy in your local MP, or I would like to appeal to all VV readers, that if you have a view, please write and tell the man in charge of this decision, what you think is the best for Bucks. Katrina Wood CWPC Chair The 49th P&TG Village Show - Save The Date! This year’s show will take place on September 15th 2018. The schedule highlights include; Flowers, fruit and vegetables: New entrants to the horticulture section can try growing a cucumber and almost everyone will have one flower they would like to show off in “my favourite flower “. Other classes include cacti, succulents, pot plants, annuals , perennials , a jam jar of mixed garden flowers, the heaviest marrow, the fattest marrow (junior) and the longest runner bean. Miscellaneous: After positive feedback, we are again including a class for hen’s eggs and “five-a-day”, grow a day’s healthy eating. Branching out from our usual format, we have introduced a new class to be judged by the public. Instead of vegetable animals, we are inviting live entries for The Happiest Pet, a class for (small) caged pets. Domestic: The male bakers have been challenged to make quiche or a coconut and cherry cake. Open classes include a ““round” of shortbread and a lemon meringue pie for the traditionalists and a cake containing at least one vegetable ingredient, e.g. carrot, courgette, beetroot etc. or a savoury/sweet pastry. (part savoury part sweet filling) for the more 6

adventurous amongst you. Young cooks can use their imagination and experiment with different flavours of Swiss rolls or roulades. Craft: Under 18’s can design and make a tea light holder. Ideas range from food cans, painted glass, wood, foraged materials or clay. You can start from scratch or decorate something you’ve bought or recycled. There are lots of ideas out there to get you started. There is plenty of time for youngsters and grown-ups alike to get crafty and make a brooch from natural materials, quilt a wall-hanging, design and make a coaster, a table runner or a fabric wreath. Art and photography: Artists are given free rein with “1969”, “a splash of colour”, “summer view or a pencil/pen & ink drawing. Photographers have plenty of scope too with classes titled “1969”, “in Penn Woods”, “machinery” and digitally enhanced work. Junior photographers can try “all creatures great and small” and “the sky’s the limit”. Junior: There are lots of junior classes. If there’s nothing in your own age group, why not enter an older age group or the open classes which are open to everyone. A few of this year’s classes include the widest sunflower head, an edible garden in a shoe box lid (use your imagination), tie dyed tee shirt, cheese straws, a bug hotel, a mug of home-made popcorn and “a hungry caterpillar” made from fruit and or veg. Schedules will be in local shops from the end of May. A list of classes can be found on the village website. Please do have a go, there’s a class for everyone. Gwenda Deadman Common Wood Working Party The weekend of 7th and 8th April will be the last this season and we intend to work in Farther Barn Field. Gloves, shears, hand saws and a fork to "tease" the roots of plants would all be useful as we want to clear the main area of blackthorn etc. We will meet at 10am on the chalk path at the top of the Holloway. The Roundabout Gate will be open for those who wish to drive. Please drive slowly and with Village Voice April/May 2018 hazard lights on along the chalk path. You can all then rest and enjoy the woods until work parties start in October. Wycombe District Council Anyone not receiving a copy of the WDC magazine - Wycombe District Times (3 per year; last issue was 19 March 2018), email Sue Robinson, Communications Officer at sue., or call 421557 Stop Press - P&TGFC A recent press release from the P&TG Football Club, announced 'Penn & Tylers Green FC have agreed a ground share agreement with Amersham Town FC for the 2018/19 season which will maintain their step 6 status in the Hellenic League'. Dear VV, I am delighted to report that the two quizzes that took place on Friday 3rd, and Saturday 4th February were a great success. We raised a staggering £6,500 for The Motor Beurone Disease Association over the weekend! Having taken a break for three years I was a little in trepidation at reviving the momentum, but the fantastic support of so many in the village, and many from further afield, ensured that we more than carried on where we had last “left off”. It would be a very long list were I to “shout out” to everyone who worked so hard, but I am so grateful to everyone who combined to create a powerful energy; workers, kind supporters in the village, the paying customers, almost all of whom have given the kindest feedback & seem eager to return on Sat October 13th 2018 for our next Quiz. I never underestimate the community warmth & power in this village, for which I am always proud & grateful.What another fabulous achievement by the Village Hall!, to be the crucial platform to make such joy possible. A huge Thank You, and grateful recognition, of what a marvellous facility we are so lucky to have here, made possible only by the hard work & commitment of the team behind the scene, most of whom are volunteers. Thank You; what a fabulous community we have! Ray Stidwell 7

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